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Out of the NightMan famed archeologist Martin Larchmont suspects the truth His convictions are looked upon as the ravings of a crazy old man yet as the murders continue only Larchmont can save the town He joins forces with Sheriff Henry Sutton once a non believer now driven by his own desire for revenge Together they must fight against the consuming evil that threatens to engulf them a. For a tale of small town terror Whalen does not disappoint The town of Rivina CA has a troubled past One October in 1889 several people were murdered in horrific ways night after night A band of 'gypsies' camping on a hill overlooking the town were blamed and a lynch mob went to 'put things right' They hung the gypsies in darkness but when they lit torches they realized the things they hung were not even human The killings in town stopped but several members of the lynch mob killed themselves and their families shortly thereafter Flash forward a 100 years and it seems something is stirring in Rivina once again Our main protagonist Cable is traveling down to LA from Vancouver to visit an old friend and mentor after a divorce Along the way he picks up a hitchhiker who turns out to be a prostitute None the less she proves a good road companion but Cable is bushed and decides to stop for the night in Rivina That night the prostitute is horribly murdered and Cable becomes a suspect The killings continue and they are most bizarre One man rots to slush in under 12 hours another is actually scared to death It uickly becomes apparent to the local sheriff that something strange is going onThis is a fast and fun read Whalen introduces a range of characters who meet gruesome ends and the plot moves nicely While I would probably not actively seek this one out read it if you find it and like 80s horror

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READ ´ Out of the Night Î [PDF / Epub] ★ Out of the Night Author Patrick Whalen – The strangers came under cover of darkness and camped high on the hill just west of town Then the deaths began horrible savage beyond comprehension one every night for five nights When two young boys The strangers came under cover of darkness and caThe strangers came under cover of darkness and camped high on the hill just west of town Then the deaths began horrible savage beyond comprehension one every night for five nights When two young boys disappeared the enraged townsfolk of Ravina swept up the cemetery hill a dark vengeful mass knowing neither pity nor remorse only the terrible Out of Epubneed to shed blood. Yet another supernatural evil in small town type story that I can't seem to get enough of complete with your standard horror fiction stereotypes who must band together to defeat it My rating doesn't reflect the fact that I actually really enjoyed this for the most part but unfortunately it all became just a bit too over the top andwelllet's just say sillyHere's the basic setup A series of gruesome inexplicable murders have been happening in the small California town of Ravina mostly taking place in and around the local cemetery that's situated on top of a giant hill overlooking the town The old local archaeologist Martin Larchmont of course knows a thing or two about the town's forgotten unsavory history of mysterious seemingly supernaturally influenced deaths and must convince his former student and the town sheriff that an ancient and powerful evil has returned They're both highly skeptical but as the death toll and sightings of the animated dead rises they soon have no choice but to believe and try to combat the burgeoning threatPretty typical but what initially elevates this slightly above most midlist mass markets of the era namely a relatively tight pace and a handful of genuinely creepy moments soon descends into pure ridiculousness by story's end I pretty much lost interest during the latter chapters but the first 23 make up for it somewhat despite the cardboard characters and standard issue plot It's actually a rather fun read if you're in the mood for some mindless pulpy horror 30 Stars

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For blood In their wake they left six grim shadows hanging from a gnarled oak treeA century later the cemetery still stands atop the hill The mortuary is presided over by the Horrcove twins wizened old men who rarely see the light of day And death has returned to Ravina California A series of grotesue murders committed at night has the town in the grip of terror Only one. This was definitely fun light reading for finals week It was also my first intro to Patrick Whalen In a nutshell Out of the Night is cheesier and self aware than a lot of the 80s horror I’ve read; by that I mean the story doesn’t take itself seriously at all It’s constantly one upping itself and gets ludicrous as it progresses While this does show skill and smarts on the author’s part it doesn’t necessarily mean the book is good; most of the characters are pretty cardboard and when they die it’s usually silly That being said there are some GREAT visuals that will touch any horror fan’s heart Sometimes a self aware horror tale can be awesome the movie Cemetery Man is a great example But where Cemetery Man succeeds is where Out of the Night fails The former is like a dreamy fantasy that acts like a horror image filled dark ride while this book is basically a normal stale horror storybut a “clever” one