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Free Travels with Gannon and Wyatt kindle é eBook 9781608325887 ↠ goproled ✓ ❰Read❯ ➫ Travels with Gannon and Wyatt Author Patti Wheeler – Gannon and Wyatt can't wait to trek into the Great Bear Rainforest in search of the mythical spirit bear but suNd mysterious gunmen Guided by the wisdom of the First Nation people the Gannon and Wyatt uncover a sinister plot and must risk everything to save those who are missing and restore balance to the Great BearIn the tradition of the historic journals kept by explorers such as Lewis and Clark Dr David Livingstone and Captain James Cook comes the adventure series Travels with Gannon Gannon and Wyatt are real twin brothers who go on adventures with their mother father and a team of others This trip is to the Great Bear Rainforest where the boys look forward to seeing whales bears and the rare white Spirit Bear Along with the fun and learning about lands far and wide there is a danger that must be addressed to all young explorers This is not about your back yard There is a good story line to each book no I am not going to spoil your reading of the book So enjoy reading about Gannon and Wyatt's adventure to the Great Bear Rainforest

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And Wyatt From Africa to the South Pacific these twin brothers have traveled the world You never know what they will encounter as they venture into the wild but one thing is certain wherever Gannon and Wyatt go adventure is their constant companionYou can find Gannon and Wyatt s blog photographs and video footage from their real life expeditions at travelswithgannonandwyattcom This time out Wyatt and Gannon are traveling with their parents and an old friend Captain Colin to the Great Bear Rain Forest They plan to study the habitat of the spirit bear then volunteer at a whale research lab Gannon is excited to leave on the trip because he can put off all the chores he has been avoiding at home Wyatt can't wait to meet Dr Hans Brezner a famous environmental scientist who is also part of the expedition But both boys are in for disappointment because they have to help with chores around the boat and Dr Brezner seems very preoccupied And it seems they may not get to see any grizzlies because the number of salmon in the streams is drastically lower than in previous years and they are an important food source for the bears Not to worry though there is plenty of excitement Mix together some wicked weather poachers crooked business deals and a pack of wild wolves and you have an unforgettable visit to a temperate rain forestMany readers may be surprised to learn that there are rain forests in North America Most people assume all rain forests are tropical but temperate rain forests like those in British Columbia also exist as amazing habitats The journal entries of Gannon and Wyatt offer descriptions of the wildlife the First Nation people of the Gitga'tt tribe and the threats to the area from commercial entities The boys' adventures also show what can happen when visitors run into danger in the wildernessThis is an entertaining addition to the series and a good read for fans of adventure exploration and survival stories I read an e book provided by the publisher through NetGalley

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Travels with Gannon and WyattGannon and Wyatt can't wait to trek into the Great Bear Rainforest in search of the mythical spirit bear but surviving in this unforgiving wilderness proves challenging than they could have ever imagined When members of the expedition go missing the brothers bravely set out on a search and rescue mission Soon they find themselves lost in a forest teeming with grizzlies wolves a Twin brothers Gannon and Wyatt are invited to the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia Canada to search for the spirit bear a rare albino bear said to be the Spirit of the Rainforest But when their parents go missing the brothers must trek into the wilderness alone to search for their parents and uncover a plot to destroy the delicate rainforest ecosystem They face danger from the predators of the forest wolves black bears and grizzlies and it will take all their wilderness survival skills to make it out aliveI loved this second book in the series There is even action in this one and the plot really keeps you in suspense The writing is in a journal style as the two brothers write about their experiences and adventures I liked seeing how the brothers get annoyed with each other but ultimately respect each other and take care of one another with true brotherly love They have some great character development through the story The rainforest is so vividly described and there are a lot of interesting facts about the area and anecdotes from the natives and explorers There's so much good information in this book but it's woven into the exciting story so that you don't even realize you are learning And I loved reading about the survival skills the twins learn because the reader learns right along with themI would recommend these books for readers aged 7 15 but anyone interested in travel exploration and adventure would enjoy reading themDisclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisherauthor in exchange for a free and honest review All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts and are not influenced by anyone