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The th instalment in the Merrily Watkins seriesWhen a mans body is discovered near the picturesue town of Hay on Wye his death appears to be unnatural in every sense Merrily Watkins priest single mother and exorcist is drafted in to investigateA mans body is found below a waterfall It looks like suicide or an accidental drowning until DI. After 11 previous novels about Merrily Watkins Phil Rickman has never resorted to formulaic stories The uality of this installment is the result of that philosophyThis is an exceptional book carefully plotted pulling together what appears to be almost unrelated stories At the end it all comes together beautifullyWhen I first heard that Merrily would be on her own in this one without the usual cast of characters I wondered how it could be done but it is all very logical Jane is away on a dig to further her archaeological experience and Lol’s growing popularity inevitably demands that he go on tourMerrily finds herself suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome exacerbated by the pressures of a reuest for an unusual exorcism Fortunately Frannie Bliss calls on her to investigate an unusual drowning in the town of Hay On Wye keeping her from wallowing in self pityAdding to the intrigue is the story of Robin and Betty Thorogood who readers may remember from A Crown of Lights Their attempts to start a pagan bookshop in Hay seems to have nothing to do with Merrily’s investigation Rickman’s regular readers know better but the plot device allows him to impart much of the history of “the largest used bookstore in the universe”The author has thrown many ingredients than usual in the pot including the practice of dark magic used in an attempt to call up something far worse than your average demonsAlso there is the M word but you’ll have to read the book for thatThis book will stay with you long after the final pages are read which is a testament to the uality of the writer’s talent

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The Magus of Hay Merrily Watkins SeriesE had a serious side And behind it unknown to most of the townsfolk lay a darker design a hidden history of murder and ritual magic the relics of which are only now becoming visible Its a situation that will take Merrily Watkins on her own for the first time in years and facing public humiliation over a separate case to the edge of madnes.

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review The Magus of Hay (Merrily Watkins Series) Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB Ã ❰Reading❯ ➽ The Magus of Hay (Merrily Watkins Series) Author Phil Rickman – The 12th instalment in the Merrily Watkins seriesWhen a mans body is discovered near the picturesue town of Hay on Wye Frannie Bliss enters the dead mans home What he The Magus ePUB #229 finds there has him consulting Merrily Watkins the Diocese of Herefords official advisor on the paranormalIts nearly forty years since the town of Hay on Wye was declared an independent state by its self styled king A development seen at the time as a joke But the pastich. 4 12 starsI really don't think Rickman could writer a bad Merrily Watkins story if he tried If nothing else it's like coming home to old friends how can you not be interested in catching up with them and seeing what new shenanigans they're getting up to That said while I very much enjoyed the Magus of Hay I don't feel it was as intense as other installmentsThe Merrily Watkins series usually has several different story lines with different characters interweaving and coming together at the end In past books I would get to the end of a chapter and be dying to know what would happen next It took all my self control not to skip and read ahead because the next chapter up was following a different story line Then before I knew it I was immersed in that story line and so I raced towards the end to know what happened The Magus of Hay kept my interest but I didn't have that sense of OMG I HAVE to know what's going to happen next It did pick up around the 75% mark and from there I was pretty intent on having all the pieces fit togetherI liked that Frannie Bliss had a large role in this installment as he is one of my favorite characters I wish there was of his relationship with Annie and I would have dearly loved to see him get to put it to acting DCI Twtface Brent I like the consistency in story line and characters from one book to the nextbut when it starts getting on 12 novels over a course of about 15 yearsmy memory just isn't that good I wish Rickman would publish a companion book that details major story lines and characters It isn't critical to understanding each installment; but not remembering drives me crazy How exactly did Bliss get his head injury it was at least a few years between books for me Rickman does fill in some details on this one But Martin Longbeach and Athena White what exactly were their deals Betty and Robin Thorogood from A Crown of Lights 2001 someone please refresh my memory Trying to hunt and peck back through 11 fairly substantial books is not a feasible solution to my curiosity and early onset dementiaMy other issue with The Magus of Hay is that is was for lack of a better word subtle Rickman likes to lead you along with innuendo and assumes you put the pieces together Unfortunately I'm not that sharp apparently because there were a few plot points I wish he had spelled out In particular I'm a little unclear on the whole point of the Sylvia Merchant story line as well as it's resolution I have a feeling it might make sense if I could remember the details around Longbeach's deal but I can't and then again I could be wrongAt any rate I will happily read the next installment