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Download Goddess Myths of the Female Divine Ebook ↠ Oxford Paperbacks É ➽ [Reading] ➿ Goddess: Myths of the Female Divine (Oxford Paperbacks) By Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature David Adams Leeming ➲ – An old woman lives still among the brokenJust one glimpse of the timeless allure and mystery of the Goddess From the fertile earth mothers of the ancient world to the modern revival of interest in Wicca or witchcraft images and tales of the Female Divine have flourished and waned intimidated comforted and inspired women and men from time immemorial In Goddess authors David Leeming and Jake Page gather some 75 of the most potent and meaningful of these tales in an extraordinarily rich and readable introduction to this divine figure as she has emerged from prehistory to the present Told as a biography we follow Goddess from her first Ice Age appearances as the all encompassing all giving and all taking Earth to her re emergence as a powerful force in the myths of modern religion psychology and science In tales of the Changing Woman of the Navajos and of Hera Pandora Eve and Lilith we see her traduced and sublimated by rising and then A good little book with summaries of many Goddesses of all different cultures Summaries of archeological information of ancient civilizations who worshipped goddesses Not extensive coverage but a good overview for people new to history of Goddesses & related cultures just to get started on the concept

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Dominant patriarchical cultures and civilizations but never totally suppressed In familiar and unfamiliar myths Goddess comes alive pulsing with her own energy irrepressible behind her many cultural masks She can be the Universe itself the source of all being the holy Virgin the Earth Mother nurturer the madly hysterical destroyer the femme fatale or the consort or mother of God She is presented here not as myth but as a true archetype a potential being who exists in all of us a force who long preceded her male counterpart as an appropriate metaphor for the Great Mystery of existence As compelling as any novel Goddess is also a journey into the human heart Observing Goddess over the centuries worshipped belittled denied rediscovered we gain new insight into the changing role of women our continuing development as a species and our deepest concerns about ourselves our world and the human destin A must read for those researching psychological roots

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Goddess Myths of the Female Divine Oxford PaperbacksAn old woman lives still among the broken slopes of the mountains in the land of the Tarahumara Indians No one knows exactly where She is sometimes seen standing along the highway near El Paso hauling wood near Oaxaca or even hitching a ride on a semi rig She is the bone woman the gatherer La Loba She collects bones especially those of wolves When she has collected enough bones to make a whole wolf she sings over the skeleton and it begins to grow flesh and fur She sings someand the wolf becomes strong; then it breathes La Loba keeps singing and soon the wolf leaps up and runs off while the desert world trembles And when a ray of the sun or the moon strikes it at just the right time and place it turns into a woman a laughing woman who you may see running toward the horizon In La Loba's cycle of death and rebirth and her metamorphosis from crone to life giving mother to laughing maiden we catch Where did they do their research these supposed scholars? I live in Hawaii and their description of our Volcano Goddess Pele and many other Goddesses of antiuity is so shallow Don't bother buying this superficial and narrow view of Divine female goals powers or drives We get raging angry vengeful Goddesses fertility and love Goddesses treatment There are many ways to demonstrate power or cause destruction that are beyond vengeful Too shallow to call itself scholarly