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Book Cooking Up a Business

Book ¿ Cooking Up a Business ò Goproled Í [PDF / Epub] ⚣ Cooking Up a Business: Lessons from Food Lovers Who Turned Their Passion Into a Career -- And How You C An, Too ✈ Rachel Hofstetter – Stories and advice for creating a business out of the food you love Do you have a passion for delicious fooStories and advice for creating a business out of the food you love Do you have a passion for delicious food and want to create your own business out of it but have no idea where to start? Cooking Up a Business is essential reading for aspiring entrepreneurs and gives you a real world up close and personal preview of the exciting journey Through profiles an This is a cute book but it wasn't uite what I expected based on the title It is primarily full of profiles of businesses that manufacture food to be sold in grocery stores with relatively little direct advice or mention of other models of food business restaurants food carts caterers etc Granted I should've read the description thoroughly and looked up the companies mentioned to see what sort of businesses they were But even so a good deal of the advice is anecdotal this is what worked for this one company and some of the stories featured a lot of luck and missteps that you couldn't or shouldn't respectively repeat one company for example was operating totally outside of health laws for awhile and if he hadn't he may not have had the money to begin working within those laws renting commercial kitchens etc laterBut still an interesting read and definitely a good one if manufacturing packaged goods is the sort of food entrepreneurship you're interested in

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D interviews with nationally known food entrepreneurs from Popchips Vosges Haut Chocolat Hint Water Mary's Gone Crackers Love Grown Foods Kopali Organics Tasty Evol Justin's Nut Butters Cameron Hughes Wine andyou will gain applicable practical guidance that teaches you how to succeed today How to create a national brand with no connections or experience The While this book was part of an Entrepreneurship class I decided to choose it because of the title I love to cook and experiment with new recipes so I thought it would be intriguing to read This book was pleasingly different from what I expected I was anticipating of novel type read but every chapter is a new story unto itself Hofstetter did a fantastic job of covering a lot of hurdles new businesses face Each chapter covered a different issue or issues that particular company encountered While all food related each company had different experiences regarding which obstacles they had to overcome While I think Hofstetter did a good job revealing the different growing pains of each company I think she did sugar coat their ordeals a little The way each company overcame their obstacles makes it seem like anyone can go out and be an entrepreneur and succeed I guess I would have liked to read about one or two companies that failed fell flat on their faces and why How could they have done things differently to succeed? But hey that’s not what this book was about At the end of each chapter Hofstetter summarizes the main learning points which were a nice recap If nothing else reading this book will give you insight into real life companies and how they go there And then you can go out and try their foods – maybe you’ll have a new appreciation for them after learning what companies had to go through to get them on the shelves #ENTR300

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Cooking Up a Business Lessons from Food Lovers Who Turned Their Passion Into a Career And How You C An TooSecret to getting meetings with grocery store buyers The number one thing you need to know about food safety regulations Why a grassroots budget might actually help you succeed Specific advice for gluten free organic wine and beverage companies What every entrepreneur wishes someone had told them at the beginning Why doing what you love is always a good id This is a great book to read if you are interested in staring your own food based business There are so many things to consider if you are heading in this direction The book highlights many of the hurdles you might face when doing so The stories are also very inspirational