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mobi ç The 8020 Principle The Secret of Achieving More with Less read ✓ richard koch ☆ [Reading] ➷ The 80/20 Principle: The Secret of Achieving More with Less By Richard Koch – The 20th anniversary expanded edition of the classic book that will revoluWork life and your home life including brand new chapters The essence of the 8020 rule is that 80 per cent of your success is probably coming from 20 per cent of your activities and effort The advice therefore is to put laser focus on those activities and efforts and ruthlessly cut out the restThis is the staggeringly simple idea behind the book It really doesn't need the hundreds of pages to bring this through There is certainly some material to make you think but there's also a lot of filler there which has the fingerprints of a consultant and consultancy is what the author spent his career doing simply rehashing the point and devising unnecessary ways of complicating a simple principleSimply do what works Pursue the things you're good at the things that bring you success and stay away from everything else There's a lot of needless chat about many other topics which at times feels irrelevantA useful general idea and thought provoking book even if a little repetitive irrelevant and impractical in places An ok read

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The th anniversary expanded edition of the classic Princi About 20% of this book actually contains information about the 8020 principle and that 20% is actually good This is why its very frustrating that the rest of the book is a jumbled hodge podge of various self evident advice in life such as how to be happy and even how to invest in stocks This sounds good on paper but in reality it just means that there is little substance on a lot of things For example when it comes to the chapter on investing the chapter is useless for the inexperienced as he does not go deep enough to get started and even so for the initiated as nothing new is being said so the uestion remains why is this chapter included to begin with Similarly the chapter about happiness contains a bunch of platitudes like suggestions to do things that make you happy and spend time with friends Again why is this in a book which is supposed to teach you the principles of 2080Conclusively the whole thesis of the book is that majority of value in most facets of life comes from 20% of the things involved and apparently to prove a point that applies for this book as well

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The 80 20 Principle The Secret of Achieving More with LessPle The MOBI #240 book that will revolutionise both your The 20th anniversary of a business classic brought up to date It exhaustively lays out the application of the 8020 principle in your business and private life I have to say I am a great fan of the book and the principle It is not exactly intuitive that life does follow that principle but generally speaking it is better to do those things which yield greater results than those which do not and it is worth spending some time just thinking about this in most areas of your life Some argue against the principle and there is a rather half hearted attempt at the end of the book to deal with some of the objections Richard Koch did not invent or discover the principle the much neglected sadly Italian economist Pareto did and Koch pays due homage to the man There are numerous illustrations of the principle in the book and some have criticised it for this but for me this is what makes the book and the principle well worth reading and studying even if you have the older edition