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The Meaning of It All Thoughts of a Citizen ScientistRly bursting into a Navajo war chant then pressing for an overhaul of the English language if you want to know why Johnny can't read just look at the spelling of friend; and finally ruminating on the death of his first wife from tuberculosis This is uintessential Feynman reflective amusing and ever enlightenin Gave away my copy but felt the need to replace it Very good value

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Epub À The Meaning of It All · Thoughts of a Citizen Download ï richard p. feynman à ❮KINDLE❯ ✽ The Meaning of It All: Thoughts of a Citizen-Scientist Author Richard P. Feynman – Goproled.co.uk Many appreciate Richard P Feynman's contributions toMany appreciate Richard P Feynman's contributions to twentieth century physics but few realize how engaged he was with the world around him how deeply and thoughtfully he considered the religious political and social issues of his day Now a wonderful book based on a previously unpublished three part public lec Brilliant book well worth reading if you're interested in Feynman The seller had it shipped out very uickly also one day prime

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Ture he gave at the University of Washington in 1963 shows us this other side of Feynman as he expounds on the inherent conflict between science and religion people's distrust of politicians and our universal fascination with flying saucers faith healing and mental telepathy Here we see Feynman in top form nea Richard Feynman is widely regarded as one of a handful of distinct geniuses of physics of the last century and perhaps the most famous and charismatic in his field second only to EinsteinI have to be honest to admit that I can barely read most of his scientific work I'm just not that smart But he was also humorous and wise and this book is about his general belief system and other mattersEven his prose is not easy reading His sentences are so long and complex and so well constructed that the reader feels like he's swimming on the surface of the deepest part of the ocean Whole lectures feel perfectly designed and complete all in a curious Woody Allen Jewish personaI actually believe and follow his worldview which was roughly analagous to Einstein'sThey were Secular Humanists They believed that God if he exists only manifests in a very distant abstract sense Both were loathe to accept specific religious viewsIt is Feynman's view that science rejects the type of absolute certainty at the core of most mainstream religious views of the world Interestingly he includes Soviet Communism as a type of religion which is understandable when you think about itMuch of this book is really about the intersection of science and philosophy He asks how do we justify right and wrong and other human standards in a world without such a self invented reward and punishment systemThis is surely one of the uestions for the ages one that Feynman clearly believes is beyond the inherent limits of the scientific worldview He believed that the flaw was inherent in human makeup and that the solution was also there not in the science but in the applicationHis example was why is there no water system in the slums of Rio? The money to improve people's lives is there The will to action is notBoth Feynman and Einstein considered capitalism a necessary but untrustworthy system and had political leanings toward the LeftFeynman discusses the serious responsibilities involved with science which has in the 20th century been the Pandora's box bringing enormous forces and power into the world for either good or abuse or evilHe puts forward perhaps 6 absolute truths that allow for improved human interaction and the greater good of mankind Most are obliuely political in nature democracy freedom of speech separation of science from exterior interests or intervention the value of uncertaintyBut in the end his combined belief system is unclear It lacks something that the human spirit reuires for complete fulfillment He fully recognized this and I don't fault him for itThe paradox he attempts to address are inherent in the basic fabric of the world and if he did think that he knew the answers he would be a different animal altogetherConsidering the direction the nation has taken these last few years his voice is sorely missed