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Charlie Bucket's wonderful adventure begins when he finds one of Mr Willy Wonk Jess my 7 year old little girl gives it 5 starsComments while reading“How come someone is called ‘Gloop’? And ‘Salt’? Isn’t that the thing that we use for cooking?”“What is ‘spoiled’? Oh okay I’m NOT spoiled”“Huh Grandpa Joe is 96 years old? How come that he’s even older than my grandpa?”“How come Charlie’s dad can’t work at the toothpaste factory any? What does ‘bankrupt’ mean?”“Will Charlie ever get the golden ticket?”“Yes Charlie found it”“Mr Wonka looks like a clown”“How come Oompa Loompas only eat mashed up caterpillars? EEW”“Augustus Gloop got sucked up into the pipe because he was GREEDY”“Will Violet ever be all right again or will she always be a blueberry?”“I want these EATABLE MARSHMALLOW PILLOWSSo I can sleep on it and eat it little by little LICKABLE WALLPAPERIt would be great if I can have it in my room so every time I want an orange or banana I can just lick itLUMINOUS LOLLIES FOR EATING IN BED AT NIGHTSo that I don’t have to use my night light any But what happens when it’s finished?INVISIBLE CHOCOLATE BARS FOR EATING IN CLASSSo that I can eat it in class But I don’t think Miss Ayu will like it if I do that”“These are just silly Mr Wonka likes to invent strange things HOT ICE CUBES THAT MAKES HOT DRINKS HOTTERWho wants to have their hot drinks even hotter?FIZZY LEMONADE SWIMMING POOLWon’t your body be tingling and itchy all over if you swim in there? It’s fizzy like Coca Cola right?”“But the funniest thing is that SUARE CANDY THAT LOOKS ROUND I’m going to tell dad about it and then all my friends at school”“I like it when Mr Wonka says to Mrs Salt “My dear old fish go boil your head” Mr Wonka used to be polite and now he is getting rude”“Mike Teavee got very small because he is sent through the TV No I don’t watch too much TV like him”“This song about watching too much TV is too LONG Just skip it”“I don’t think anything bad will happen to Charlie because he’s good Also it is written in the front of the book that he is THE HERO”“What? Charlie got the whole factory? That’s because he’s GOOD”“I want a chocolate candy and I want books by Roald Dahl”

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Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryA's precious Golden Tickets and wins a whole day inside the mysterious chocola Slightly odd story of virtuous poverty rewarded by the evil capitalist who caused the poverty by firing all his workers in favour of employing non human immigrantsUnemployment from the chocolate factory apparently the only consumer of labour in the otherwise stagnant economy of Charlie's home town proving I suppose that an excess of chocolate is really bad for you both economically and physically reuires that all of his grandparents have to live and sleep in one bed while the family slowly starves Evidently the social contract is relentlessly one sided in Charlie's countryWilly Wonka the owner of the chocolate factory a man who makes Charles Montgomery Burns look reasonable holds a competition to allow a small number of children into his factory to select one of them to be his successorCharlie wins one of the tickets The hard school of his poverty having made him virtuous he manages to survive all the other children whose gross moral turpitudes cause them to be eliminatedHaving won the right to become Willy Wonka's successor he wins himself a seuel adventure but this involves travelling to the moon in an elevator rather than changing the employment practises of the factory and the introduction of a living wage Proving I suppose there is a limit to the amount of fantasy you can fed a child before it becomes completely unbelievable

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Book ó Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 176 pages ☆ Goproled î [EPUB] ✻ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ✾ Roald Dahl – Charlie Bucket's wonderful adventure begins when he finds one of Mr Willy Wonka's precious Golden Tickets and wins a whole day inside the mysterious cTe factory Little does he know the surprises that are in store for himback cov I was planning on writing an extremely argumentative review explaining how sadistically vile Willie Wonka is and how his god like complex ruined the lives of four flawed children But that seems insensitive at the moment Instead I shall simply say that Gene Wilder dominated his performance as Willie Wonka He carried all the outward charm the charisma and the playfulness but still managed to portray the suggestions of darkness that permeate this character’s heart Wonka is far from a good man though this book remains excellent and an extended allegory for many things Full review to come