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mobi ð Imaginative Communities Download å Robert Govers Þ ❮Download❯ ➾ Imaginative Communities: Admired cities, regions and countries Author Robert Govers – This book will thrill leaders planners globalists policy makers and sociologists with practical steps for implementiThis book will thrill leaders planners globalists policy makers and sociologists with practical steps for implementing creative ideas that will invigorate community spirit and build reputation BookLife ReviewsMany of us feel uneasy with the lack of recognition that our community city region or country receives internationally and with the stereotypes and outdated clichs by which outsiders define us This has probably been the case for as long as man exists but in todays world with its global connections and social media it is becomingapparentrelevant andfrustrating; to citizens generally but in particular to policy makers public administrators leaders and representatives in public private and civil society sectors Why this is so and what to do about it is the topic of this book It is the first book to discuss the issue of community reputation in a manner that is accessible to all; free from any use of jargon management terminology or unnecessary complexity It argues that for communities to be admired they need a sense of belonging and purpose in order to do amazing imaginative things befitting their character while captivating others Imaginative initiatives are recognisably from somewhere and hence cut through the clutte

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R in order to create community profile The book contains examples from Austin Barcelona Bhutan Den Bosch Dubai Egypt Eindhoven Estonia Finland Firenze Florence Kazakhstan Lanzarote Limburg Maastricht Region Oslo Rome The Hague the United States of America and other communities The book primarily aims to inspire readers and offer them a broad overview of an issue in modern society that is of interest and relevance to all of us the reputation of our communitiesEndorsementsIt has been said that countries should measure their gross national imagination a critical resource for success in the twenty first century This important new book shows why this is crucial in an age of fractured identity and how so many places have forged initiatives that put themselves on the map but also inspire the rest of the worldDr Parag Khanna Author of Connectography Mapping the Future of Global CivilizationI am a big believer in the power of purpose that companies and individuals should have a meaningful purpose that guides their thinking decisions and actions But until I read Robert Govers' Imaginative Communities the thought of applying purpose at the community level never occurred to me Read this brilliant book and you too will see how to br

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Imaginative Communities Admired cities regions and countriesIng a sense of belonging and meaningful purpose to your communities no matter their sizeB Joseph Pine II Co author The Experience EconomyRobert Govers has written a terrific book With miraculous clarity he guides the reader on a world tour of the subject of community reputation and its management He presents a breathtaking range of places and kinds of actors cities regions and nation states from the Americas to Central Asia and on to the Pacific His examples are new thought provoking and illuminated by his personal experience as a researcher and consultant Best of all his conclusion underlines the need for citizens to focus not on presenting a better image but on building for a better reality Nicholas J Cull Author of Public Diplomacy Global Engagement in the Era of Social MediaA really important addition to our understanding of people places and their purpose Govers book is a refreshing and highly readable departure from practitioner texts that simply apply tired marketing principles to the management and promotion of places Incisive and genuinely thought provoking this book deserves a place on the desk of every senior policy maker in national regional and city governments worldwide Simon Anholt Founder of Good Country