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doc á What the Rich Invest In ´ Robert T Kiyosaki It and understanding key principles of investing is the first step toward creating and growing wealth This book delivers guidance not guarantees to help anyone begin the process of becoming an active investor on the road to financial freedom Unless your already a multi multi millionaire this info is not all that useful read the first and second books and leave it at that He talks about how to make a company then very basics of IPO There are much better investing books for 999% of people The Intelligent Investor value and Fundamental investing Common stocks and Uncommon profits by Fisher Growth investing Reminisces of a Stock market operator The psychological aspects of trading and investing Technical Analysis Explained Options Futures and Other Derivatives Principles by Ray Dalio Euity Smart Beta for Practitioners 3 and 4 factor model based investment vehicles and smart beta momentum min vol size and value currently also Peter Lynches book one up on wall st Robert has a lot to teach but this is not what he knows He even alludes to using insurance products probably annuity's? Its not wrong its just not useful under 20 million net worth unless you have not read his other books Want to know how to invest for 999% of people read the other books above

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Rich Dad's Guide to Investing reader ì What the Rich Invest In read ✓ robert t kiyosaki â ❮Read❯ ➹ Rich Dad's Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest In, That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not! ➼ Author Robert T Kiyosaki – I Investing means different things to different people and there is a huge difference between passive investing and becoming an active engaged investor Rich Dad's Guide to Investing one of the three core titles in the Rich Dad Series covers th So clear and his perspective and experience shared is invaluable I am sharing it with friends and family Read it

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Rich Dad's Guide to Investing What the Rich Invest In That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not E basic rules of investing how to reduce your investment risk how to convert your earned income into passive income plus Rich Dad's 10 Investor Controls The Rich Dad philosophy makes a key distinction between managing your money and growing This is my first Book review on or ever so I'll try to keep short and to the pointWhen I first found and bought this book I thought it was as the name states a guide to investing To my surprise I found it anything but thatHe speaks as he always does on the mindset and how to approach the world of investing the different types of investors and so onI found it very irritating that he kept referring to his Rich Dad in every bit of advice he gives a sort of scapegoat to me Especially since Rich Dad is not a real person according to many interview done with himThe silver lining is that there are some solid key points here and there but what I have to say is that it does not take 400 pages to say what he has to say he is literally rehashing old stories from the first two books and retelling them times and times againIn all honesty I started this review with a 4 stars review and dropped it to 3 stars in the middle of this review and now at the end of it I'm not even sure if those 3 stars are a correct assessment of the merit of his bookIn his defense he did say he is a Best SELLER not a best writer