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Constantinople Epub ´ 336páginas336páginas ↠ Roger crowley ↠ ✻ [EPUB] ✰ Constantinople By Roger Crowley ❅ – In the spring of 1453 the Ottoman Turks advanced on Constantinople in pursuit of an ancient Islamic dream capturing the thousand year old capital of ChristEre heightened by the first massed use of artillery bombardment both sides feared that the end of the world was nigh The outcome of the siege decided in a few short hours on 29 May 1453 is one of the great set piece moments of world histo Years ago I read John Julius Norwich's three volume Byzantium which chronicles the entire history of the bit of the Roman Empire that survived for a thousand years after the fall of Rome Norwich makes it plain that after the Battle of Manzikert when Constantinople lost a huge portion of what is now Turkey depriving it of both an important food source and a recruiting ground for its army the writing was on the wall even though it took another 400 years for the wall to collapse In the meantime it was additionally weakened by the pillaging of the Fourth Crusade This fascinating book details the final act the taking of the city by the young sultan Mehmet II It is full of interesting characters the impetuous young sultan determined to do what his ancestors failed to do and was prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to do it including dragging an entire fleet overland to threaten the city from the seaward side the Emperor Constantine full of foreboding about the prophecy that an empire that started with a Constantine would also end with a Constantine but who was determined to die with his city if need be the resolute Genoese mercenary Giustiniani who commanded and inspired the defence until mortally wounded in the final assault The Byzantines waited for the relief from the West which never came but they went down fighting It all combines to make an exciting bit of history very well told

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In the spring of 1453 the Ottoman Turks advanced on Constantinople in pursuit of an ancient Islamic dream capturing the thousand year old capital of Christian Byzantium During the siege that followed a small band of badly organised defend La caída del régimen antiguo y la llegada de España como protagonista de la historia mundial

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ConstantinopleErs outnumbered ten to one confronted the might of the Ottoman army in a bitter contest fought on land sea and underground and directed by two remarkable men Sultan Mehmet II and the Emperor Constantine XI In the fevered religious atmosph A wonderful book that gives a real sense of the history of this conflict how the Greeks and a handful of Genoese and Venetian soldiers and sailors put up a fight against the might of the Ottoman empire and how the rest of Europe ignored the conflict only to wake up to find that the great city of Constantinople had been lost But of course Constantinople was already surrounded by Ottomans only this small enclave at the end of Europe was left countries like Bulgaria had already fallen and it seems to have been only a matter of time before the inevitable happened Roger Crowley manages to take the reader through the story drawing on predominantly Greek and Italian sources apparently there are few written Ottoman sources for this conflict and it really coloured and gave depth to a visit I paid to Istanbul at the same time as reading this book The story is a sad one how the city was plundered its inhabitants ravaged or led into slavery precious relics tossed into the street but then of course the city had been ransacked before during the Fourth Crusade I am curious now to find out what the Latins were doing in Constantinople two centuries earlier and what led them to ransack a fellow Christian city which was already poor by the time the Ottomans arrived An excellent read