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The Unforgetting The most haunting and atmospheric historical novel of 2020St paced gothic tale Caitlin Davies author of Daisy BelleThis is dark gothic historical fiction at its best A tale of obsession control illusion and mystery in the Victorian era Beautifully written chilling and haunting The BookwormeryThis is a book of magic of womens strength of the power of lovea splendid and brilliantly paced novel Northern Reader BlogA story of obsession and haunting illusions that will leave the reader chilled to the bonethis book entraps you and bewitches you Bunnys Pause BlogFrom the very first pages Blacks novel grabs our attention drawing us into a beautifully evoked sensory worldhighly recommended The Literary She. A good read if hardly a literary masterpiece Satisfactory in terms of delivery and living up to expectations

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N the paper and then her own headstone in the cemetery she realises that she is trappedThe danger of obsessionBut Erasmus is haunted bythan one betrayal and as the curtain falls Lilys fate is soon to become even darkerReaders are entranced by The Unforgetting This haunting Victorian novel weaves a spellbinding Unforgetting The most haunting and MOBI #198 web of deluded dreams and dark deceptions Essie FoxEvocative and atmospheric The Unforgetting is a macabre tale of dark obsessions and deadly ambitions where nothing is uite what it seems Anita Frankauthor of The Lost OnesThis Victorian gothic fantasydrips with menaceDaily MailA sinister fa. A novel to transport you to the depths of Victorian Ramsgate and LondonThis is a great novel to read at this time of year in particular Oh to be in Victorian England or accurately a ghost of Victorian EnglandThe setting is the London stage where Lily Bell wants to be an actress She dreams of this and nothing else so when her father sells her to someone and tells her she will be working in a theatre she's uite intrigued Selling your daughter was common at the time which is shocking in itself but when you realise who her father is selling her to it's even worseErasmus is a professor of ghosts and he wants Lily to become a ghost on his stage This is method to the extreme for Lily will have to become a ghost hidden away living under the stage and wearing a veil when out in public so no one can see her faceThe professor wants to create the ultimate illusion and Lily is his chosen one However for Lily to take on this role and fool those who want to believe in the next life she will have to give up her ownThe writing here is very good with scene setting a plenty and lots of gloriousness gothic nessThere's themes of female identity identity in general the position of women in society and of course death ghosts and spiritualism Those Victorians had some strong beliefsThere was also a very dark moment in the novel which meant that the story went down a path I didn't expect It was dark but also very sad and I wished it had been different as it gave the novel an extra darkness I didn't feel it needed The ghost storyline and everything that that entailed was than enough It does tell of Lily's story though so although vital to the plot in many ways I loved the ghostly side of things much Doesn't stop me recommending it though

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review ☆ The Unforgetting: The most haunting and atmospheric historical novel of 2020 106 ↠ [Ebook] ➦ The Unforgetting: The most haunting and atmospheric historical novel of 2020 By Rose Black – A spellbinding historical novel of obsession the lure of fame and tA spellbinding historical The most PDF #9734 novel of obsession the lure of fame and the power of illusion perfect for fans of The Binding Bone China and The Lost The Unforgetting EpubOnes The lure of fameSold by her father to a Professor of Ghosts Lily Bell dreams of a career on the Victorian stage But Erasmus Salt is Unforgetting The most ePUB #10003 promising his audience not mere theatre but a glimpse of the spirit world And Lily is to be his ghostThe power of illusionObsessed with perfection Erasmus goes Unforgetting The most haunting and MOBI #198 to extreme lengths to ensure his illusion is complete When Lily finds her own obituary i. Lily Bell a naive 19 year old leaves home to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress Erasmus Salt self appointed Professor of ghosts seems to offer her that opportunity but she soon realises things are far from what they seem Erasmus doesn't just want he to play a ghost he wants her to become oneThe storyline is far fetched and whilst I could sympathise with Lily on an intellectual level I found it hard to engage with the character emotionally The romantic subplot was particularly hard to buy into it seemed too rushed and was unnecessary for the story For a book that does have some valid things to show about the unfairness of life for women in the 19th century and a theme of female of empowerment despite that it undermines itself by apparently feeling no story about a woman could possibly be valid without a man falling in love with herI never really understood what Erasmus Salt wanted from Lily or how he expected his plan to work which detracted from the tension that might otherwise have built up The last part of the book did have a compelling element but I just wasn't emotionally engaged enough with the characters or able to suspend disbelief enough to really enjoy it I was mostly reading to get to the endThere is the kernel of a good idea in the underlying concept but for me it wasn't executed well enough to recommend the book