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Read & download Ï A Little History Of The English Country Church Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free È ❮EPUB❯ ❃ A Little History Of The English Country Church ✾ Author Roy Strong – This fascinating and beautifCataclysm of the Reformation which replaced the splendour of ritual with the preaching of the Word to the age of the 'suarson the gentrified cleric we meet in the novels of Jane Austen Roy Strong takes us on a journey historical social and spiritual to explore what men and women experienced through the age when they went to church on Sunda. This is an inspiring entry level book outlining the various substantive changes that have not only effected the local parish churches but also a glimpse into the impact these monumental changes must have had on local communitiesThis book is written in such an easy readable style making it accessible for anyone not just those interested to find out about our ecclesiastical historyAn excellent read

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History Of The English eBook #228 buildings erected in Anglo Saxon times to its uncertain future in the twenty first century From the arrival of the missionaries from Ireland and Rome who erected crosses in the country to mark the places where they preached to the beautiful architecture and rich spirituality of medieval Catholicism from the. I expected Roy Strong's book to be a description of how the English country church had remained a pillar of stability influence and continuity through tumultuous ages In fact this delightfully readable account is full of surprises and a wealth of detail of what actually happened which seems to have been uite the opposite Admittedly to some extent because of its condensed nature in relation to the time span covered it shows how congregations around the country were subjected to constant and significant changes in the manner and surroundings in which they were asked to pray and what they were allowed to pray about As the revolt against popery took hold and the church evolved between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries customs and rules were incessantly subjected to what Roy Strong refers to as a theological pendulum Kings ueens various religious movements and to some extent local gentry had their way with a largely illiterate congregation whose reaction even today remains unknown Until the seventeenth century sermons were a rarity; the educational level of the majority of vicars did not allow it and a licencing system made sure they did not try Medieval communal activities centred on the parish church parish ale Sunday sports etc were got rid of and then some re allowed The Act of Uniformity drawn up in 1558 imposed a fine on those who did not attend on Sundays £11 today The state visibly took over and hitherto popular financial contributions declined as they were perceived to be yet another form of tax After a relatively uiet eighteenth century came the Victorian explosion; the influences of the Oxford Movement and the Cambridge Camden Society a series of influential architects the return of music in the form of hymns and organs and in a climate of increased competition with other faiths that included a re tolerated Catholicism a huge amount of church reparation new building and embellishment And yet despite it all Roy Strong mentions that between 1831 and 1911 Anglican church attendance at Easter varied between only 6 and 8% One might never have guessed The book is helped by freuent illustrations but several pages oddly have the feature of paragraphs of slightly varying type size Is this a new attempt to vary our reading experience Thanks to the author it was a good one anyway

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A Little History Of The English Country ChurchThis fascinating and beautifully illustrated History Of Kindle #216 little history is a celebration of the English A Little ePUB #231 country church and a passionate plea for its preservation In his engaging account Roy Little History Of PDF #10003 Strong tells the dramatic story of the English parish church from the first temporary Little. I have only dipped into this little book as I have bought it as a present for a friend but a word of warning Do not buy the Vintage paperback edition The paper is of the organic recycled green variety and has the appeal of recyled loo paper This means that the photos and illustrations look as if they have been taken through muslin The type face is small and that in the index even smaller thus making it difficult to read Add to this the difficulty of actually opening the book so that you have to hold the pages down to read them not a book to read one handed in bed Such a pity as this distracts from what should have been a lovely little book to cherish I will order the hardcopy from my public library to read