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Tigerlily's OrchidsUrban fairytale she emerges to exert a terrible spell on Stuart and his guests Mr and Mrs Font the worried parents will soon have even cause for concern about their handsome but hopelessly naive sonDarkly humorous and piercingly observant of human behaviour Ruth Rendell has created another compelling fable of our lives and crimes. Oh how I adore Ruth Rendell And the RR I love is back There's no one uite like Rendell at observing the way that people think about themselves particularly when they are vain or self satisfied or totally delusional or just very lucid about their place in the world She does plenty of it in this novel that chronicles the lives of a bunch of residents of a London apartment building One of them of course is murdered by the time it's all done the particularly beautiful one; I think RR has it in for beauty But along the way we get to observe all the residents interact with each other in ways that are by turns slightly mysterious and very funny I almost didn't care who had committed the murder so taken was I with some of the characters But on that front I read that a new Inspector Wexford is in the pipeline It's to be published in the fall

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Ine friends on the list but he definitely does not want to include his girlfriend Claudia as that might involve asking her husbandThe party will be one everyone remembers But not for the right reasonsLiving opposite in reclusive isolation is a beautiful young Asian woman christened Tigerlily by Stuart As though from some strange. As Newsday said re this author’s novel Portobello “Rendell has long been the ueen of the psychological crimeA novel that glides along Portobello Road like the lime in a gin and tonic It’s intoxicating” So true I’ll admit my bias up front I’ve long been a fan of Rendell and when she releases a new book it tops my reading list She’s never disappointed me and that certainly holds true of TIGER LILY’S ORCHIDS As always we’re treated to intriguing characters whom we follow with rapt attention trying to out think the author which is impossible There’s always a twist or uick turn within the next several pages and we’re forced to rethink the possibilities What pleasure This time we’re surrounded by outre characters who neighbor in Lichfield House a London condominium The time seems to be today when London has been affected by depression and snow lots and lots of snow Each one of Rendell’s characters stands alone worthy of our focus together we find a juggernaut of psychological suspense Stuart Font is a narcisstic to put it mildly fellow who after inheriting a bit from his late aunt is attempting to live on his own Unable to pass a mirror without admiring himself he is in the clutches of the grasping married Claudia who cannot seem to get enough of him Olwen Curtis is a pathetic 60 year old who is determinedly drinking herself to death and braves icy sidewalks to replenish her gin Gray haired Marius Potter is a former hippie whose interest in Rose Potter Jones grows stronger each day A trio of disparate college students dwell in another flat Of course every condo needs a super and this one’s a pedophile Across from Lichfield House is a mysterious housewhere immigrants live they are said to be growing orchids Add to this mix the innocuous Duncan who rather than participating in life entertains himself by observing the comings and goings of others We’re introduced to all with the opening of the book and a party thrown by Stuart Not a terribly festive evening since Claudia’s husband Freddy bursts in to threaten Stuart unless he leaves his wife alone Stuart would be than happy to do so because a she’s demanding and expensive b he sees one of the immigrants from across the street the most beautiful girl he has ever seen whom he calls Tigerlily Rendell is one of the most skillful writers working today; she makes ordinary folks extraordinary through insightful observations and the revelation of their dark secrets TIGERLILY is a slim over too uickly gem Gail Cooke

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Tigerlily's Orchids Read & Download ¾ 104 Ï ➿ Tigerlily's Orchids Free ➶ Author Ruth Rendell – Goproled.co.uk When Stuart Font decides to throw a house warming party in his new flat he invites all the people in his building and after some deliberation even includes the unpleasant caretaker and his wife They a When StuarWhen Stuart Font decides to throw a house warming party in his new flat he invites all the people in his building and after some deliberation even includes the unpleasant caretaker and his wife They are a disparate group of people each with their individual Rendellian psychoses and potential for violenceThere are a few other genu. At first I wasn’t overly convinced by this Ruth Rendell novel It creates its own little world focusing as it does on the middle class residents of a block of flats and some of the people who live in the surrounding houses but my initial impression was that this was just a slight collection of short stories interweaved together There’s the good looking young man having an affair with a married woman; a Latin scholar who has a connection with his new age neighbour; a trio of student girls sharing a flat; an alcoholic old lady drinking herself to death – and so on For the opening hundred pages or so I thought the book was just too annoyingly inconseuential with a cast of characters nowhere near enough compulsive to really grab this reader’s attentionBut then slowly and almost surreptitiously it worked its charms and I found myself drawn into these people’s lives and the drama which surrounds them So that even before the crimes start this is a Ruth Rendell novel there is always going to be crime – and once the book gets going the criminal actions really do mount up I was enthralled in the world Rendall had created‘Tigerlily’s Orchid’ is an understated little gem