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The Elusive Prey Read ò 106 ç [Ebook] ➨ The Elusive Prey By S.J. Lewis – Kim and her friend Barbara voluntarily sign on for an unusual wilderness adventure where they'll be brutally trained and used as sex slaves by the Dominant men who claim them a real life fantasy fit f Kim and her friend Barbara voluntarily sign on for aKim and her friend Barbara voluntarily sign on for an unusual wilderness The Elusive Kindle adventure where they'll be brutally trained and used as sex slaves by the Dominant men who claim them a real life fantasy fit for only the most daring Arriving at the hamlet of Gordburg they discover a resort town where women are caged being readied for the slave market where they'll be sold at auction Some slaves are sent to Gordburg by their masters for intense training others are there by their own choice The two cu. I really enjoyed reading the continued story of Elf Girl She is assured stronger than in Female Prey She knows what she's gotten herself into this time and she always seems to be in control of her situation and her friend the other women she meet's situations as well She was borderline BITCH although maybe her friend deserved it for being a whiny pain in the ass Lane was an interesting character a bit of a mystery I'd kind of like to read about her I loved Greg If he hadn't have caught Elf Girl I would've been disappointed he seemed the only one worthy of catching her well apart from Lane ; Helped by the fact that he was intelligent a tracker was hot had a large maybe he was the catch ;b Without giving away although a large part of the story was about the cat mouse hunt it was well balanced I'm not sure I would've liked it if she had been caught not released earlier When she is finally caught all the build up anticipation heat between Elf Girl Greg make for some really hot scenes ; More please ;

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He thrill of being captured forcefully subdued and compelled to submit to their sexual demands Kimberley sets out on a game of escape and evade where she becomes Elf girl a cunning and elusive player While there's no one better at dodging the hunters Kimberly really wants to be caught tamed and put in her place by a man powerful enough to give her the satisfaction that comes from total surrender Can the adventurous Elf Girl succeed in living out her dreams Or will time run out leaving her desperately longing fo. I totally misjudged this book going in It was actually a lot gentler than I expected sweet almost Action orientated and gives one a new take on outward bound vacations

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The Elusive PreyRious women discover that while some of these caged women relish their enslavement others find the rough treatment is than they signed on for For those who run this uniue resort the fantasy is not a fantasy at all but very realUndeterred by what she's seen Barbara decides to go straight to the slave market for purchase and the hard sex she expects to enjoy Meanwhile Kimberley decides on a game of hide and seek where she'll be pursued by both men and women intent on making her their slave She wants to the feel t. I could not make it past the first part of the book Within the first pages are phrases a writer should collect if only to add them to a list of Phrases one should never use when writing erotica Yes the WOMAN protaganist exclaimed over her own little round ass The only offense this writer missed was the primary character admiring herself in a mirror exclaiming over her own 36DDD breasts After walking away I decided to try skimming The backstory might as well have been remarked with all caps or exclamation points There was shuddering remembering 'Alpha' ugh The scene fantasy takes off beginning chapter two This is the world building stage I thought I might be able to go with it and then a howdy pardner good t'see ya ma'am cowboy moment passed by My eyes rolled This was then followed by the shower scene woman getting off like Anna Nicole Smith in the shower and then the obligatory review of herself in the mirror occurred Okay at that point the book was officially horrible for me I had to go scrub my brain after the tuft was trimmed I did continue skimming but every time I thought I'd fall into the story some absurd phrasing would rip me back out What can I say good about it There were no spelling errors in the bits I read I'm grateful I could borrow the book