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The line between genre fiction and literary fiction has become ever thin and difficult to distinguish for me over the past decade Publish and Perish permanently obliterates any such line if it ever existed Sally Wright's novels are literature in a time honored tradition that isn't often practiced this well I've now read three of her books and they are in the ancient tradition called drama Aristotle wrote that drama is action that seems to result from the characters' motives and choices Shakespeare is the supreme writer of dramatic action in English Wright's Ben Reese the hero of her first six novels is a Christian So his motives have a specific moral impulse He is a university archivist meticulous and patient And he is a former military intelligence agent which has taught him to be insightful and circumspect All that composes Ben's nature seems to cause the story to unfold as it doesWithout giving away too much or spoiling your enjoyment of the book I'll provide some examples of Ben Reese's nature the nature that drives his actions and this book And I hope you'll notice that Wright's style is inventive and enjoyable As Ben considers the death he is investigating he thinks that he had never felt a conflict between logic and meaning and he doubted that the victim had either Any than either one of them had seen a conflict between reason and revelation Ben relies as much upon his spiritual nature as upon his reason He even offers his adversary every opportunity to find redemption at the risk of his own life Wright also employs an occasional Biblical allusion But then we don't see ourselves clearly We suint around the beams in our own eyes and gloat over the motes in our neighbors' But she is never preachy not even remotely; she is simply an artful storyteller I think that even the most devout atheist will enjoy the intricacies of this bookBen Reese is the archivist at Alderton University a small school in Ohio So his approach to crime solving is governed by a certain mode of thinking It was part of Ben's general philosophy to mistrust speculation to think that toying with any hypothesis in circumstances like that when he didn't have any real data was an irrational waste of time and energy This methodical and composed turn of mind is unusual in detective fiction and makes Ben an absorbing character Ben's approach is rigorous and fair minded we have mild ridicule of students imposing Freud on The Wind in the Willows Although that is not one of Ben's lines; it is spoken by a character who knows that Ben will understand and have no sympathy with such sophistry The point is that Ben Reese is precise fair reasonable and cautious You'll have to read the book to appreciate fully the results that his methods bringThe action takes place a decade and a half after D Day Ben's war experiences affect him both in the numerous and severe scars he carries on his body and also in the way he thinks and behaves After the invasion at Normandy Ben worked as a behind the lines scout in France not even attached to his own Army out of touch with his own countrymen and without the support any soldier comes to expect So he is used to working in isolation without a safety net He sniffs out the culprit relying upon his own inspection of the evidence as elusive as it is One character observes `Course I don't think most people under forty know how to take care of themselves They haven't seen enough of what life can do Ben is not uite forty; yet he has seen far too much of what life can do and he does take care of himself including keeping himself fit which plays a role in the plot Both his job as an archivist and his background in intelligence work come to bear as he carefully examines all the paperwork of the murder victim This study is on going through much of the book and finally yields its fruitParenthetically I'll mention another aspect of Sally Wright's command of her art though it's an aside In my review of her latest book Breeding Ground I mentioned an unusual manipulation of point of view In Publish and Perish Ben receives a phone call; we hear only his side off the conversation Then uite a few pages later we hear the voice of the speaker in that call Now we have the entire picture Such inventive touches are prominent in Wright's proseBen Reese's characteristics first lead him to believe that murder has been committed when the evidence seems to indicate natural death Then he pursues his uarry in a very particular way His choices of methods and the motives he has for choosing them seem to cause the story to unfold as it does Actually though we know all along that the author is controlling everything That's the alchemy that a fine writer performs when writing dramatic fiction Sally Wright is not simply a writer of excellent mysteries though she certainly is that She is a serious novelist who has chosen this medium for her artVery highly recommendedJohn Pendley

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Hings in this book readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Publ. I really enjoyed the book the first one by this author for me I liked the characters the plot was absorbing and I finished it within a couple of days so it had great readability I shall certainly be reading by Sally Wright However I was irritated at times by the way the viewpoints changed sometimes maddened by it I don't mind being in the viewpoints of different characters if the plot needs it I don't like changing for practically each character almost on a whim The book opens in the night porter's view changes to Ben Reese changes to Richard's then to Ellenthen we're back with Ben and so on all within the first few pages Then there is a great conversation between Ben and Richard on the way to the airport pages of it on the Kindle a lot of it with very little indication of who is speaking unless direct reference is made to Ben's war experiences Otherwise the conversation is that of two fairly similar academic blokes and I had to keep going back to check who was actually speaking This sort of thing gets annoying But these are fairly minor in the great scheme of things and as I said I was engaged enough with the plot to want to read about the characters so I will be getting the next in the series Do give it a try

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review Publish & Perish 107 Õ ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Publish & Perish By Sally S Wright ✎ – Popular E Book, Publish & Perish by Sally S Wright There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Publish & Perish by Sally S Wright please downloa Popular EBook, Publish Perish by SallPopular EBook Publish Perish by Sally S Wright There are many interesting t. Ben Reese is my kind of character and Sally Wright is my kind of author This book was a true mystery you know the kind the one that actually relies on the plot and clues to keep it going as opposed to the ones that try to thrill and scare you simply with blood and then all of the sudden they discover the murderer and it's someone you never heard of beforePublish and Perish was a good book Ms Wright introduced us to a character that we could like and investigate the clues with and we knew was going to be back to visit hey the author was the one who sub titled the book Ben Reese Series book 1All in all the plot was solid as was the writing and there were enough twists and turns to keep me intrigued The only reason I gave it four stars was the ending it did just that end It seemed as tho my book was missing a few pages because it seemed to end mid sentence which was the only thing I found wrong with this book