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Frier, S: No Filter doc Ó Cd read ↠ goproled Ó [Download] ➺ Frier, S: No Filter By Sarah Frier – Best PDF Epub Frier S No Filter by Sarah Frier This is very good and a main topic to read the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book Best PDF Epub, Frier, SBest PDF Epub Frier S No Filter by Sarah Frier This is very good I'll start with what's good about this book If you need a timeline of how Instagram grew and became established then this would be a very helpful book to reference Maybe if you were writing an assignment Also it was good that there was no angelic underdog vs pantomime villain trope usedI think the problem is that everything has happened almost completely in public and is well documented online There are so many interviews Youtube videos and articles online Employees of every company not just tech share their daily lives online So I didn't feel I gained anything substantial from this book The inside story read like padding to be honest Maybe this minutiae is fascinating to some eg William playing games on his phone in the middle of meeting and not paying attention There's no compelling story here because you can already guess at the start what the outcome will be Can you really muster any sympathy for anyone who sold out to Facebook for 1b and then left because they couldn't do what they wanted Systrom worried deeply about losing what made Instagram special Oh come onI think this book tries to do way too much at once when it would be interesting to focus on just one aspect

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Amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book A great book The single minded and aggressive business approach at Facebook and the idealistic style at Instagram until founders left is beautifully chronicled While I was reading it I thought about two things 1 Instagram would have been far smaller without Facebook It would be like Snapchat and Twitter in financial terms or worse bleeding money until one day something happens to threaten its existence 2 I’m puzzled why no company in China operates with a Facebook business model and why China’s Instagram look alike Meitu 1357HK has been languishing since IPO four years ago It looked promising with a peak valuation of US10bn China’s social media company such as WeChat or Weibo are very different from Facebook in terms of business model Therefore when Meitu Xiuxiu languishes all these years no suitor has come along to marry a billion users with camera filter Facebook’s acuisition of Instagram is a marriage made in heaven

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Frier S No FilterAnd a Frier S Kindle main topic to read the readers are very I guess you can read this book in a couple of ways; firstly as a straightforward look at how Instagram was created it's subseuent purchase by Facebook and its growth since along with the other players in the social media space And secondly as a human story of one of the co founders of Instagram Kevin Systrom Not a biography as such but the book does give some insights into how Systrom developed Instagram his constant battles with Facebook once having been acuired and how along with his team he managed to grow the platform to over 1 billion usersThe book is a page turner and kept me enthralled throughout