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PDF ↠ BOOK A Death on Diamond Mountain FREE ´ [Reading] ➯ A Death on Diamond Mountain: A True Story of Obsession, Madness, and the Path to Enlightenment ➷ Scott Carney – Goproled.co.uk An investigative reporter explores an infamous case where an obsessive and unorthodox search for enlightenment went terribly wrongWhAn investigative reporter explores an infamous case where an obsessive and unorthodox search for enlightenment went terribly wrongWhen thirty eight year old Ian Thorson died from dehydration and dysentery on a remote Arizona mountaintop in 2012 the New York Times reported the story under the headline Mysterious Buddhist Retreat in the Desert Ends in a Grisly Death Scott Carney a journalist and anthropologist who lived in India for six years was struck by how Thorson's death echoed other incidents that reflected the little talked about connection between intensive meditation and mental in I am a 57 year old guy and having grown up in the 70s 80s and 90s I have been exposed to plenty of spiritual truth seeking paths Perhaps God is Deadbut Nietzsche never told us that the search for him never ceasesI couldn't put Scott Carney's book down having discovered the subject through of those shows on TV I googled the subject and saw the author post a clip alone in the cave where the death occurred He seemed intelligent and subtle in his thinking The book confirmed thisFirst he knows how to write a page turner Second the topic is really well the only topic What might spiritual enlightenment look like? Is it even possible in this world? Are they all charlatans or precursors of what is not yet understood? Can God or whatever one chooses to call the ultimate reality be reached in any way while on earth?I am a very rational sceptic My hero is Spinoza And yet the author strikes the right balance even for me between skewering the business of spirituality and the very real desire of people like you and me to develop a closeness to something spiritualIt seems Michael Roach may have made some less than optimal decisions especially in the speed in which Lama Christie and Ian Thorson were asked to leave the retreat But has he been a genuine seeker of spiritual truth? It seems that he has radically reinterpreted Tibetan Buddhism for modern Americans and other materialistic cultures like the Chinese He seems to have jettisoned his claim to support from the Dalai Lama but from the viewpoint of history perhaps he has his place The book itself is negative in its judgement of Michael Roach and the claims of spiritual witchcraft at the end of the book were laughable and made me actually develop sympathy for Michael Roach The danger of this book is of course that it needs to sensationalize the danger of the teachings in order to create a exciting book Personally I find American obsession with Tantra and the speed of Enlightenment sort of deluded ridiculous and materialistic But it sure is probably appealing to manyThe book doesn't just tell the story of the protagonists but also gives a background to all the spiritual truth seeking movements in the US Some of this background acts like chapter long footnotes that slow the pace down but deepen the meaning of these events like the history of Geronimo and the Cochise in ArizonaAs we sit armchair internet shopping watching our saved shows on our DVR reading about the latest Kardashian moments or even the latest Putin Isis or RepublicanDemocrat cat fighting are we really going to judge people that take a 3 year vow of silence and inward contemplation? Really? Are WE that perfect?This is a special book and a gripping one for any of us that have searched for God in America

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StabilityUsing these tragedies as a springboard Carney explores how those who go to extremes to achieve divine revelations and undertake it in illusory ways can tangle with madness He also delves into the unorthodox interpretation of Tibetan Buddhism that attracted Thorson and the bizarre teachings of its chief evangelists Thorson's wife Lama Christie McNally and her previous husband Geshe Michael Roach the supreme spiritual leader of Diamond Mountain University where Thorson diedCarney unravels how the cultlike practices of McNally and Roach and the uestionable circumstances surrounding I felt the beginning and end of this book when the author discusses his own experiences were riveting If he ever writes an autobiography I will rush to buy itHowever maybe he won't since one of the lessons Carney tentatively extracts from the death on diamond mountain is that too much introspection can lead to insanity and disaster A conclusion I found strange since none of the characters in the book seemed particularly introspective Instead they constantly look to gurus gods and ancient texts for all of life's answersThis book also focuses heavily on Ian Thorson the man who died while skimming over the characters of Christie McNally and Michael Roach the gurus He paints Roach as a narcissistic but earnest spiritual seeker whereas the facts to me seem to cast him in a much darker light The author admits he is afraid Roach will try to harm him; perhaps that is why he goes easy on the man?All in all the book was very interesting and I could not put it down Still I found myself wishing he would probe a little deeper into the motives of characters and also share of his thoughts on the impact exotic religions have on our selves and culture Sometimes it felt he was restraining himself in an effort to be diplomatic and objective

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A Death on Diamond Mountain A True Story of Obsession Madness and the Path to EnlightenmentThorson's death illuminate a uniuely American tendency to mix and match Eastern religious traditions like LEGO pieces in a uest to reach an enlightened perfected state no matter the costAided by Thorson's private papers along with cutting edge neurological research that reveals the profound impact of intensive meditation on the brain and stories of miracles and black magic sexualized rituals and tantric rites from former Diamond Mountain acolytes A Death on Diamond Mountain is a gripping work of investigative journalism that reveals how the path to enlightenment can be riddled with dang Scott Carney may be the only person who could have taken on the true breadth of this story In 2006 a student in a meditation group Carney was supervising in Bodh Gaya jumped from the building's roof to her death The search for why this happened seems to have led Carney to write what has to be the definitive book about what goes awry with Eastern religious practice in the West It's all here and it's rivetingSo many of us were shocked to discover that the Tibetan Buddhism being taught online and in yoga studios in New York and around the world a few years ago wasn't authentic and was evolving from a cult of personalty into a true cult It didn't start out that way what happened?This book is beautifully written thoughtfully layered never boring there's fantastic depth to Scott Carney's research The story unfurls so smoothly Carney weaves together some surprising Buddhist history and the introduction of Eastern mysticism into the West with a compassionate fair and thoroughly analytical telling of the tragic unravelling of this groupAnyone who's ever thought about uiting a job to meditate full time going to India to be in retreat or who's just wondered what happens when you meditate too much and make up you own rules needs to read this It turns out there's a reason the old ways exist we race to the highest levels of practice at our peril