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That communicates a clear vision can mean the difference between winning projects or just sitting on the sidelinesIn Portfolios That Sell veteran consultant and lecturer Selina Oppenheim reveals how to create an innovative competitive and effective portfolio that will get attention from any potential client Based on her 20 plus years of consulting with scores of photographers graphic designers and illustrators Oppenheim demonstrates how todays commercial photographer can communicate expertise experience and creative vision cle Every serious photographer spends time trying to figure out how to make better photographs But professional photographers also have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to market photos because without sales there is no profession One of the tools professional photographers use is a book A book is a portfolio of the photographer's pictures used to get clients to hire him or herNow it might seem that a photographer's pictures could stand by themselves and not need any special method of presentation The author who is a consultant to photographers in the preparation of their books disagrees She believes that everything from the drafting of a positioning statement about the photographer's work which will guide the selection and display of pictures in the book to the texture of the slip case for a book is critical for the photographer to get the edge over competing photographers After you finish this book you may agree with herThe author gives simple straightforward advice Indeed it is so simple that most of the text in this volume could probably be contained in a short brochure What fills most of the book is the pictures taken by the author's clients which illustrate the points she makes along the way If you pay attention to Oppenheim you probably do stand a better chance of catching an art buyer's or art director's eye On the other hand unless you already feel comfortable with the economics of marketing you may gulp when she tells you to spend 125 for what is essentially a loose leaf binderMost of the message contained in this volume and the photographs included seem to be directed at assignment photographers that is those who must sell a buyer on purchasing his or her skills rather than selling existing photographs Yet other photographers from stock to fine arts also probably need a book While those photographers seem largely ignored by the author they can benefit from the advice contained hereI must confess that I'm a little resistant to an assumption underlying the approach of this book ie that photography buyers and directors are willing to form an opinion at least initially from form rather than substance But then again photographers deal in form not substance I don't mean that negatively so I suppose a nice looking book is important I wish there was a little meat in this book but I suppose even a few words that can show the error of marketing common sense and the importance of following a path that works are worth the time and cost of this volume

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Portfolios that Sell Professional Techniques for Presenting and Marketing Your PhotographsArly and intelligently through a well executed portfolio Packed with a wealth of no fail tips and practical advice for effective marketing self promotion and client relationships Portfolios That Sell is an indispensable guide for the photographer who wants financial as well as artistic success Filled with scores of high uality images taken for real life clients Presents important information about a timely practical subject A uniue look at the business strategies as well as the artistic concerns of preparing a winning portfolio Most commercial photographers know about Selina Oppenheim but only a lucky few make the investment to hire her for her expertise in portfolio development and refining your vision as a photographer Even though hiring Selina as a consultant was one of the best decisions I have made as a photographer I still wanted to read her book to make sure I hadn't missed anything she has to say about marketing myself as a photographer I can say from personal experience that this book distills the essence of her one on one consulting This book is really really worth learning from

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PDF ï BOOK Portfolios that Sell  [PDF / Epub] ☆ Portfolios that Sell: Professional Techniques for Presenting and Marketing Your Photographs ✩ Selina Oppenheim – Goproled.co.uk It used to be that art directors creative professionals and producers hired talent based on reputation networking and personal relationships Todays ultracoIt used to be that art directors creative professionals and producers hired talent based on reputation networking and personal relationships Todays ultracompetitive business climate is vastly different Art buying is nowproject oriented Art directors and creative professionals now must review portfolios with their clients before making any hiring decisions Since most photographers are self employed hiring a photo rep is an expense that cuts dramatically into an already tight bottom line So nowthan ever showing a killer portfolio A good guide