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MOBI ↠ ✓ Shelena Shorts Weston Wilson is not immortal and he is of this world But aging is not part of his existence and eighteen year o I'll leave out my personal rating but I will say it has been truly amazing to bring Sophie and Weston to life I hope you all enjoy They have an awesome story to tell

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FREE EBOOK ´ EPUB The Pace ì Ú ❄ [EPUB] ✼ The Pace By Shelena Shorts ➝ – Weston Wilson is not immortal and he is of this world But aging is not part of his existence and eighteen year old Sophie Slone is determined to find out why In doing so she could also uncover somethi Weston Wilson is not immor Ld Sophie Slone is determined to find out why In doing so she could also uncover something about her own life ex Hmmmmm well I didn't know what to expect but I didn't like it At one point I wanted to stop reading but I decided to keep going since the book wasn't that long It wasn't worth itI just didn't think it was very interesting The first 45 of the book is them pining after each other I didn't get it Really nothing happened I might as well have been reading her diary about Sam this Edward that whoops I meant Wes Wes Speaking of Wes I couldn't help compare him to Sam from Shiver He was kind of weak and boring I know that once or twice we get told kind of that he's strong but I think I was lied to He was just not what I look for in rich and handsome men There was no way I could read this without thinking about Twilight I couldn't help it When she described his cold and impenetrable skin I just couldn't stop picturing that brooding sparkly vamp Plus he drove a nice car was filthy rich kind of antisocial and had a funky shaped house that I still don't understand why he had it Little cozy log cabin too tiny for you??Sigh and Sophie I don't know what to do with her I didn't think that she suffered from low self esteem but I wanted to shake her and remind her that her life should not revolve around a dude Remind you of another character too huh? I liked that she got mad but it doesn't work if you're going to pine right after thatSo like I said nothing happens They hang out they talk they make out they talk they go to the overlook they talk I predicted nearly everything that happened I hope I am wrong about what will happen next Did anyone know the point of the party scene? The only action in the book happens right near the end where you get hit with a cliffhanger and the title to the seuel Just greatAside from all those complaints it was a fairly clean book I liked her mom I liked that Sophie was willing to accept responsibility for her actions and take the steps necessary to correct her wrongs I also liked reading her struggle with what to do after the pier scene I also loved that Wes was a really good guy and was willing to make tough decisions to his detriment for the benefit of others I still think you should read it and form your own opinions Even though I didn't like it I could see this will be a book that many others will enjoy obviously we don't all use the same criteria to judge books t'would be a sad sad world

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The PacePectancy that she may not want to know Suddenly immortality will mean everything and nothing all at the same tim Oh my gosh What was that? How cruel to leave me reeling like that The ending oh the ending It was so heart stopping near heartbreaking I need the seuel now I’m so glad I read The Pace now instead of when it first came out That would be pure agony to have to wait for The Broken Lake to come out I only have to wait a few days now Still I need the seuel now Oh what a book What a purely brilliant breathtaking book It was beautiful passionate romantic intriguing I couldn't stop smiling as I read it I loved the interaction between Sophie and Wes It was so heart fluttering warm and lovely The plot was thought out to perfection It was intense and perfect Sophie and Wes’ story was beautiful Their love was so uniue It wasn’t one of those repeated novel loves where girl see’s boy feels deep immediate attraction and need and the guy is so drop dead gorgeous the girl feels so plain and inadeuate when really she’s not and is so very beautiful and the guy has to explain over and over how absolutely perfect she is Sophie and Wes’ love wasn’t like this Their love was so normal Which is why I loved it so much It was an everyday first love and that made it real and so very possible Like it could really happen to anyone because it actually does It happens every day That is part of what drew me so deeply into the story because it is real and possible Their love was so normal it was unordinary because you don’t often see that type of relationships in booksThe writing was amazing Shelena explained things so well gave the reader the right information using the perfect choice of words Sophie’s voice pulled me completely into her crazy story She was such a strong concrete character Not weak or dependent or needy She took care of herself She didn’t let the breaking off of her one true love bring her down into deep depression Here is a heroine that girls can actually relate to She is so normal even though she really isn’t ; and going through every day normal stuff Having a boyfriend falling in love getting hurt going on with her life Her thoughts and reasoning’s made sense And then there’s Wes Oh Wes So perfect and yet not perfect And so in love with Sophie It’s so tangent I found that as I read what he was doing to Sophie when he decided he couldn’t be with her I pictured in my head what he must be feeling and thinking He must have been feeling acute pain and loss and hating that he was hurting Sophie and his heart must have been breaking matching the breaking of Sophie’s own heart Their love was so romantic and dreamy The kissing scenes mmm even I melted when I read them not just the characters lolThe plot of this story was incredible It was so intriguing The mechanics of what happened to Wes what was happening to Sophie over and over As I got closer to the end things started to click Like the professor at the beginning who thought he recognized Sophie Ding Realization So crazy so cool And then the end when some old forgotten person from Sophie’s past came up Creepy My adrenaline was rushing when he stepped in And then the ending ARghhThis book was brilliant I was astounded with the perfectness yet the simplicity of it This book definitely made my top favorite books ever list I can’t stop thinking about it I need to read the Broken Lake