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reader ë A History of Interest Rates ✓ Download å goproled ò ❮Reading❯ ➿ A History of Interest Rates: 322 Author Sidney Homer – A History of Interest Rates presents a very readable account of interest rate trends and lending practices over four millennia oTh of that nation Given the enormous volatility of rates in the 20th century this implies we're living in age of political and economic excesses that are reflected in massive interest rate swings Gaininsight into this assertion by ordering a copy of this book toda If you're tired of the evening news' review of the day's events only to be revised later that evening this is a great way to put interest rates in perspective Covering millennia of data this is a book any serious investor should at least browse If you're looking for perspective on today's rate environment this helps; if you're looking for ways to forecast interest rates this isn't it

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Ysis of money markets and borrowing practices in major economies Underlying the analysis is their assertion that the free market long term rates of interest for any industrial nation properly charted provide a sort of fever chart of the economic and political heal Many might say that a book of this subject matter would be incredibly dry and boring But if one reads it from cover to cover as was the case for this reviewer one will find it to be packed with fascinating information and insights on almost three thousand years of financial history Nearly every culture and geography is represented as the authors take the reader on a roller coaster ride over the hills and valleys of lending policies and usury in both private and public contexts There are many surprises for the reader who is unaware of the great impact that interest rates can have on human activities including war and pestilence but also human discovery and adventure For the serious researcher there are also a multitude of tables and graphs illustrating the behavior of interest rate time series for different cultures and governments throughout historyThe scale of importance of interest rates in the modern world is staggering if compared with the historical periods that are discussed in this book Indeed and this is brought out by the authors interest rates in their words are watched like a hawk and millions of dollars are spent every year in interest rate modeling and analysis of fixed income securities such as bonds and mortgage backed financial instruments All investors no matter which sector of the market they are involved in have to monitor very closely the trends in interest ratesThe magnitude of interest rates can enable wars to be fought and lost as is brought out brilliantly in this book Legal philosophies and developments have also guided humans as to what is considered just compensation for lending with rates in some cultures considered to be astronomical as compared to others And the authors show that there have been periods where lending has barely occurred at all with progress in such periods taking as expected a back seat One cannot grow and flourish without taking risk and lending risk is measured with the level of interest rates and their volatilitiesMany might say that economic and financial history cannot be romanticized After all economics is supposed to be the dismal science The authors do not intend to present such a romantic view but they do so inadvertently perhaps With all the conflicts that have been waged because of financial competition with most of these conflicts being horrifying and in some cases completely destructive to the societies that waged them lending encapsulates the need for humans to plan for the future It exemplifies the attitude that the future holds promise and solidifies a level of trust between borrower and lender It allows both parties to assess their current position with what it will be in the future And of course it is an axiom that it is always infinitely preferable to exchange coins rather than bullets

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A History of Interest Rates 322A History of Interest Rates presents a very readable account of interest rate trends and lending practices over four millennia of economic history Despite the paucity of data prior to the Industrial Revolution authors Homer and Sylla provide a highly detailed anal Felt like author tried to cover too much in the book Cursory overviews of interest rates for many of the time periods geographies and often felt like a narration than any sort of analysis Wasnt uncommon for chapters to simply describe interest rates ie 5 6% from years x to y with minimal analysis as to why interest rates behaved or reacted in such a way True value in the book doesnt come from its analysis which as i mentioned was light and which i was disappointed by but rather the compilation of interest rates across a vast swath of timegeographies