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SUMMARY Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt: The Century-Long Struggle for Coptic Equality 100 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt: The Century-Long Struggle for Coptic Equality ✑ Sana Hassan – The Copts of Egypt are the largesThe Copts of Egypt Muslims in Kindle #215 are the largest Christian minority in the Middle East In recent years they have often figured in the news as victims of bloody attacks by Islamic militantsChristians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt is the first study of Christian identity politics in contemporary Egypt SS Hasan begins by looking at how the Coptic generation of the s Christians versus PDFEPUBand s remembered recovered and imagined the ancient history of Christianity in Egypt in order to weld the Copts into a unified nation resistant to the growing encroachments of Islam She argues that. span classcr original review content Arguably the most well written and insightful book on the topic of Copts in modern Egypt Sana Hasan intelligently observes and describes how on the ground beliefs ideas and faith have transformed the Coptic community in Egypt into its current modern form She argues that Coptic modernizers were able to use the Coptic church's traditional authority to carry out their visions to mobilize and empower Copts Her academic yet collouial discussion of the differences between the visions of the modernizers highlights strands of thought that will strike anyone who has grown up with Copts as familiar This book is full of aha moments that explain where our priorities practices and church culture comes from I highly recommend this book to any Copt looking to understand the Church and why it behaves in the way it does Also as a plus while at times Hasan does criticize some of the darker aspects of the church overall she praises the massive transformation that the church was able to carry out among its parishioners as a herculean effort span classcr translated review content aok hidden

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The church for the welfare versus Muslims in Modern Egypt Kindle of the Coptic community grew immeasurably Church leaders arrogated to themselves the exclusive right to the political representation of their community and reconceived their role from the narrow care of souls to the promotion of economic and cultural efflorescence of the entire Coptic community The leaders of this revival she shows have nurtured a potent and distinctive religious culture with a sense of communal pride and identity in an environment in which they were increasingly exposed to discrimination and outright hostili. span classcr original review content Hasan provides a uniue study in this book one which bases its analysis in solid historical research and first hand experience with the major players of the contemporary Coptic milieu She is sympathetic while realistic clear but nuanced While acknowledging the challenges facing the Coptic community she refuses to place it within a victim mentality instead characterizing it as an active deliberate and evolving body within the realities of modern Egyptian politics and society Nicely written exhaustively researched and fairly presented all the elements of solid historical writing which is both scholarly and relevant span classcr translated review content aok hidden

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Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt The Century Long Struggle for Coptic EqualityThis interpretation of history in which Egyptian martyrs figure prominently made possible the rebirth of the Coptic church and community in much the same way as the preservation versus Muslims in PDF #8608 of Hebrew and the historical memory of Jewish tribulations served the purpose of national reconstruction of the state of IsraelThe bulk of the book focuses on the period beginning with the consecration of Pope Shenuda in Drawing on extensive interviews with church leaders clergy and others Hasan finds versus Muslims in Modern Egypt Kindle that during this period the responsibilities of. span classcr original review content The unfortunately acrimonious title of Hasan's work should not detract from the genuinely sound and insightful analysis of the national and church politics of Coptic identity in 20th century Egypt This is a genuinely uniue work that should be read by every serious student of the Mid EastThe essential thesis of this rests on the assertion that in Coptic experience traditional and church hierarchy proved to be dynamic resources for modernizing the community Such an assertion is highly counter intuitive but Hasan demonstrates with seemingly effortless skill just how well this paradigm fits the Coptic experience For her Coptic modernity appears as both a competitor with the modernization project of the Egyptian state and an Egyptian manifestation of the turn of the century politicization of ethnic identitiesThis book almost entirely focuses on the founding generation of the Sunday School Movement which took the reigns of public church leadership vis à vis the state from the rich westernized elites whose influence the Free Officer coup destroyed and how the subseuent generation had to and continues to learn how to negotiate its legacies rivalries and politics Here the perspicacity concerning Church and lay politics becomes demonstrably profound exhibiting a level of familiarity only made possible by years of experience Her insights in this regard are perhaps the most valuableMoreover controversial topics are addressed with unflinching transparency Thus neither does she neglect to address pressing issues of religious discrimination disenfranchisement and marginalization facing the Copts in an increasingly Islamicized Egypt nor intra ecclesiastical problems such as the sometimes intractable authoritarianism of the church clerisy nor the often immiserated position of women etc span classcr translated review content aok hidden