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Reinventing the Sacred kindle ´ and Religion ✓ [BOOKS] ✭ Reinventing the Sacred: A New View of Science, Reason, and Religion Author Stuart A Kauffman – Consider the woven integrated complexity of a living cell after 38 billion years of evolution Is itawe inspiring to suppose that a transcendent God fashiConsider the woven integrated complexity of a living cell after 38 billion years of evolution Is itawe inspiring to suppose that a transcendent God fashioned the cell or to consider that the living organism was created by the evolving biosphere? As the eminent complexity theorist Stuart Kauffman explains in this ambitious and groundbreaking new book people who do not believe in God have largely lost their sense of the sacred and the deep h This book creates a view backed by much research and thinking on complex adaptive systems I almost didn't buy it because the sacred isn't usually a term that resonates with me But the book reveals the miracles of life and it does it in a way that brings forth how sacred that is and how fortunate we are The book is uplifting no matter your view of religion or of sacred is I brings forth a new way of viewing life It creates a a wonder and appreciation about life from its emergence on the planet to your own personal life Your life really is miracle to be honoured and celebrated

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Und source of meaning wonder and further grounding of our place in the universe His theory carries with it a new ethic for an emerging civilization and a reinterpretation of the divine He asserts that we are impelled by the imperative of life itself to live with faith and courage and the fact that we do so is indeed sublime Reinventing the Sacred will change the way we all think about the evolution of humanity the universe faith and reason There is now a whole library of books on the Cosmos conscience and the origins of life by scientistslooking to somehow bridge the divide between science on one hand and religion or at least mysticism on the other These books of varying uality and some simply take the existence of uantum mechanics is a license to speculate about absolutely everything and anything no matter how improbableStuart Kauffman's book is in a different category Kaufmann is not only a very distinguished scientist an expert in biocomplexity and Informatics he is also a philosopher and seems to be just as much at home in literature as in uantum physics The result is a book which argues elegantly and persuasively for a view of the universe as an essentially self constructing exercise in complexity perceived through human consciousness which is itself a uantum phenomena For Kauffman this is a new and defensible meaning of the term sacred distinct at once form organised religion and from what he understandably sees as the sterile and meaningless universe constructed according to classical Newtonian principles It is difficult to do justice to a book of this kind in a short review and others have already summarized much of the argument Here it is enough to say that this is an erudite and extremely well written book which makes extremely complex issues as simple to understand as is probably feasible My only concern is that the book covers such an enormous field that it is easy to lose the argument as the text moves from one complex and difficult subject to another This is a book that you really have two read twice at least if you are to get real benefit from it

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Reinventing the Sacred A New View of Science Reason and ReligionUman legitimacy of our inherited spirituality For those who believe in a Creator God no science will ever disprove that belief In Reinventing the Sacred Kauffman argues that the science of complexity provides a way to move beyond reductionist science to something new a unified culture where we see God in the creativity of the universe biosphere and humanity Kauffman explains that the ceaseless natural creativity of the world can be a profo Reinventing the Sacred by Stuart Kauffman describes a scientific worldview that embraces the reality of emergence1 We live in a universe biosphere and human culture that are not only emergent but radically creative Kauffman attempts to lay out the scientific foundations for agency and therefore value in the biological world2 He has a great deal to say about organized processes for they are less understood than we might think3 We have as yet not theory for systems that do work to build their own boundary conditions and thereafter modify the work that is done and then modify the boundary conditions as they propagate organization of process4 An organized being is not a mere machine but it possesses in itself formative power of a self propagating kind —Immanuel Kant5We live our lives forward often without knowing which reuires all our humanity not just knowledge6 Much of what we do when we intuit feel sense understand or act is non algorithmic7 Stuart Kauffman emphasizes that the human mind need not act algorithmically8 nor is it merely computational9 A central failure of the mind as a computational system theory is that computations per se are devoid of meaning10 Agency meaning value and doing are real parts of the universe11 Astonishingly order for free does exist12 Life itself seems to maximize self propagating organization of process It's a thought provoking bookNotes1 Stuart A Kauffman Reinventing the Sacred Basic Books 2010 p52 Ibid p113 Ibid p354 Ibid p925 Ibid p886 Ibid p897 Ibid p2358 Ibid p779 Ibid p19510 Ibid p19211 Ibid p7812 Ibid p106