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How You eBook #8608 Whether making a business deal talking to friends or book I bought this book after reading a lengthy newspaper article based on an interview with the author His approach to negotiating appeared far intelligent and perceptive than other authors on the subject Unfortunately within a chapter or so of this book it had already become clear that 80% of the information and ideas it contains were present in the original 1000 word interviewSo essentially this book is an excellent 2000 word essay inflated to a nauseating 80000 word paperback through endless repetition The book is saturated with real life examples from students that he has taught Examples might conceivably be useful as a means of exploring his ideas in greater depth if they were deconstructed or used as a means to analyse subtle mistakes in negotiation But they don't they are all superficial happy ending retellings of the same storyline I had this student once they used my ideas brilliantly in some negotiation and now they are rich and happy These intrude constantly on the narrative so that after the first half dozen it feels as though the programme is interrupted every five minutes by yet another commercial for a product I have already paid forPresumably Stuart Diamond fell victim to the familiar publisher's belief that customers think that 2000 words repeated 40 times is worth 40 times and that everything has to be crammed into a familiar fashionable format Indeed traces of the publisher's interference are regularly evident which is never a good sign For instance Diamond states than once as with everything else he states that the book is called Getting More not Getting Everything because it is central to his approach that one should do what they can to improve their chances of a successful negotiation but accept that they cannot succeed in every instance So what did his publishers choose to add as a subtitle Get what you want every time It's as if they hadn't read the actual book and maybe they haven't

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Getting More How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and LifeIng a holiday negotiation is going on And most of us are terrible at it This This book has some useful points and a slightly different approach to negotiation being less technical than most others with little talk of BATNA's leverage and the like On a less positive note its use of emotional triggers and validating the other person by forming a personal connection felt shallow and manipulative at times For example talking about football or children with low paid restaurant staff in order to get a discount on a meal These anecdotes were usually topped off with the mostly irrelevent detail that the person involved was a vice president top executive or consultant of some big company or other to give the whole story and the author some credibility eg an example of a homeless person negotiating a job free meal or room in a hotel would have been far impressive and inspiring Other than that the whole thing seems at least a hundred pages too long descending into repeated often irrelevent and unecessary stories of negotiation successes based on use of the tools in the book although most of them seem like common sense and many people would use them without thinking This book could have been a heck of a lot shorter less smug and ramblingOn a positive note it is a timely reminder that people should treat each other with respect and decency when things get rough no matter where you are and its usually better to observe than talk and for that reason it is worth a browse The parts on reframing and the use of standards will come in handy the next time you feel a call to Customer Services coming on and your bloods boiling Just don't waste the time of busy restaurant staff pretending you are interested in their kids or favourite sport just to get a small discount on a meal One final point Any book that seriously uotes the phrase humanely slaughtered cows to get around a vegetarian should get 5 stars for a lack of irony

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Getting More kindle Û eBook How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life Free  goproled ↠ [BOOKS] ✯ Getting More: How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life By Stuart Diamond – Whether making a business deal talking to friends or bookiBook reveals the secrets behind gettingin negotiations whatever '' means to y The only book to read about negotiation