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review Science Fictions: Exposing Fraud, Bias, Negligence and Hype in Science 103 Ø [BOOKS] ⚣ Science Fictions: Exposing Fraud, Bias, Negligence and Hype in Science By Stuart Ritchie – Thrilling Ritchie reminds us that another world is possible The Times Books of the Year 2020So muchE trace their influence in everything from austerity economics to the anti vaccination movement and occasionally count the cost of them in human livesStuart Ritchie has been at Fictions Exposing Fraud Bias Negligence Kindle the vanguard of a new reform movement within science aimed at exposing and fixing these problems In this vital investigation he gathers together the evidence of their full and shocking extent and proposes a host of remedies to save and protect this most valuable of human endeavours from itse. A really smart and well written overview of the problems facing scientific researchSurprisingly down to earth and at times VERY funny Dr Richie has a talent at making the issues science faces understandable to a layman like myself Strongly recommend

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Thrilling Ritchie reminds Exposing Fraud eBook #8608 us that another world is possible The Times Books of the Year So much relies on science But what if science itself cant be relied onMedicine education psychology health parenting wherever it really matters we look to science for guidance Science Fictions reveals the disturbing flaws that undermine our understanding of all of these Science Fictions PDFEPUB or fields and While the scientific method will always be our best and only way of knowing about the world in. I can't say enough about this book what an excellent beginners' guide to the replication crisis and the perils in which Big Science finds itself through pursuing its own miguided priorities I especially like the sections on p hacking and on how the problems could be solved by short circuiting some of the dysfunctional processes currently in existence which sustain fraud and deceit as well as ordinary publication bias And I really love that Ritchie recommends grant distribution by lottery I suggested this for ARC grants in Australia back in around 2014 to a horrified response As someone who 'collects' frauds and fakes this book was a rich source of future teaching materials It would be a great baccalaureate textbook for any science based course of studies

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Science Fictions Exposing Fraud Bias Negligence and Hype in ScienceReality the current system of funding and publishing science not only fails to safeguard against scientists inescapable biases and foibles it actively encourages them Many widely accepted and highly influential theories and claims about priming and growth mindset Fictions Exposing Fraud Epub #226 sleep and nutrition genes and the microbiome as well as a host of drugs allergies and therapies turn out to be based on unreliable exaggerated and even fraudulent papers We can Fictions Exposing Fraud Bias Negligence Kindl. An interesting book on the weaknesses of science as currently practiced However like Ben Goldacre it fluffs the great uestion of our time man made climate changeGiven the book concludes “the fundamental lesson is to be humbler about what we do and do not know” it is uite amazing the book so easily lazily endorses the current consensus that mankind should spend money on ameliorating man made climate change than on any other priorityIncluding a pro man made climate change cartoon that stupidly lists green jobs as a benefit when they are uite obviously a cost was a pretty good indicator of this blind spot but it runs throughout the bookIt is inconceivable that one can have a sensible discussion about the funding of science in the 21st century without considering the effects of the current government consensus on manmade climate change since a simple glance at the titles of so many papers demonstrates how desperately the subject has been crowbarred into unrelated subjects in a uest for funding but the subject is unaddressedSimilarly despite demanding that data used in scientific papers should be made available for analysis the book neglects to mention the complete failure of the key proponents of manmade climate change to comply with this basic reuirement