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Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years review Þ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❮Epub❯ ❧ Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years Author Sue Townsend – The sensational final instalment in comic legend Sue Townsends hilarious and iconic Adrian Mole seriesEffortlessly hilarious Brilliant satire and traThreatening to write her autobiography A Girl Called Shit And Adrians nightly trips to the lavatory have become alarmingly freuent This Mole The Prostrate ePUB #10003 laugh out loud final chapter in Adrians story will have you hooked from the first page as you discover what he gets up to nextA tour de force by a comic genius and if it isnt the best book published this year Ill eat my bookshelf Daily Mail Books of the YearHilarious Comic gold Sunday TimesThe funniest person in the world Caitlin Moran. Just finished this great book Ive been reading about Adrian Mole since the first book many years ago This book is uite sad in many ways as things continue to go wrong for him I did find it gripping wanting to read on and see if things improved As always there is a lovely sense of humour in all Sue Townsends books Im uite sure she was going to write a further book but sadly due to her death we will never knowIf you have read all the other books in the series then this is a must Still fun still thoughtful still interesting things to think about

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The sensational final instalment The Prostrate eBook #180 in comic legend Sue Townsends hilarious and iconic Adrian Mole seriesEffortlessly hilarious Brilliant satire and tragedy TimesMy comfort read The best diaries ever written with apologies to Samuel Pepys Bridget Jones and me ADAM KAYRead as Adrian continues to struggle with his love life endures a painfully awkward school play and contemplates the unsettling prospect of applying genital poulticeSunday st July NO SMOKING DAYA momentous day Smoki. This book sees the now 39 year old Adrian who is living with his wife Daisy and their daughter Gracie He is working in a second hand bookstore and is still dreaming of becoming a published author His eldest son Glenn is away in Afghanistan and this is a constant source of concern for Adrian particularly after the death of Glenn’s best friend His marriage also seems to be going stale Both him and Daisy seem unfulfilled and Daisy’s weight gain and general moodiness seems to be having an impact on Adrian although he seems to lack the tact and insight to fix the issues His ever present love for Pandora is also an issue between themAs the title of the book suggests Adrian’s prostate issues are the main concern through the book he first notices that he has been urinating freuently but problems with getting an appointment with the GP means that he delays seeing medical professionals The GP receptionist issues are obviously exaggerated for comic effect but they do seem worryingly familiar to me Finally after some gentle persuasion from his family and his employer Adrian attends the Out of Hours clinic Adrian is fast tracked through a blur of consultants and is given the devastating news that he has prostate cancerThis book could have been a depressing read but somehow Townsend has managed to add humour into the story and her own uniue brand of the surreal in everyday life means that even at the worst times we don’t slide into the depressingThis book is the last in the Mole series due to Townsend’s ill health and it brings back a lot of the characters from earlier books ‘Rat Fink’ Lucas reappears as does Brett Mole Adrian’s half brother Most of the characters from previous books have also reappeared including Pandora who seems to be coming between Adrian and Daisy Some ueries from previous books are also answered such as the gender of Leslie the ‘friend’ of his boss The book does seem to tie up the loose ends and the ending hints that life may finally be going Adrian’s wayAs it is with all Adrian Mole books I have a lovehate relationship with the character of Adrian though as he gets older he does seem to mellow a bit and he is less exasperating There is a vulnerability in Adrian through this book that wasn’t present in previous novels particularly when he was receiving his radiotherapy and chemotherapy I did hope for a happy ending for Adrian that he would live happily ever after with Pandora by his sideAs is the case with all of the Adrian Mole books if you are a fan you will enjoy the most recent update on Adrian’s life If you’re not a fan I doubt this book would covert you I paid £299 for my Kindle version which I think is a good price to pay for a great book

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Adrian Mole The Prostrate YearsNg in a public place or place of work is forbidden in England Though if you are a prisoner an MP Adrian Mole Epubor a member of the Royal Family you are exemptAdrian Mole is thirty nine and a uarter He lives in the country in a semi detached converted pigsty with his wife Daisy and their daughter His parents George and Pauline live in the adjoining pigsty But all is not wellThe secondhand bookshop in which Adrian works is threatened with closure The spark has fizzled out of his marriage His mother is. I read the original books back when they first came out really enjoyed them I saw the T V series I watched a biog of Sue Townsend and heard someone mention the Prostate Years having had prostate cancer myself I was keen to see where she finds the humour and there is humour to be found It doesn’t disappoint although the humour is mainly Moley and his life I think she could have used the radiotherapy or treatment as Adrian calls it laying on your back bursting for a pee whilst the machine moves round you always amused me but then as a woman she would never have experienced that