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Food of the Gods : A Radical History of Plants, Drugs and Human Evolution characters Æ 9 ë [Read] ➲ Food of the Gods : A Radical History of Plants, Drugs and Human Evolution By Terence McKenna – ‘The single most influential spokesperson for organic psychedelics’Chonaut Terence McKenna explores our ancient relationship with organic psychedelics and opens a doorway to a higher state of being for us all An odyssey of mind body and spirit Food of the Gods is one of the most fascinating and surprising histories of consciousness ever writte. Read this book if you don't see how plants have effected society if you think mushrooms are bad Do not read this book if you want to try mushrooms or if you've read Mckenna's stuff elsewhere If you have you've read this stuff already If you never had mushrooms you will want to have them You probably are better served by reading Whitman or Lorca You are too eager Read this book with Schultes Plants of the Gods The two books will inform each other This book is a wonderful overview of plant philosophy Schulte's book has lovely pictures and he will back up Mckenna Better still read this book to understand why relegion is empty for so many people how God truly is in the details embedded so deep we must wedge our way into molecules to find it how we must shake off the painkillers and SEE the world God bless anyone who is so in touch with the force of God that heshe doesn't start the process this way but for myself there was no other way in and Terence has illuminated the path just fine Sure he's a kook God bless kooks Mushrooms aren't the way They aren't even the map They are the bench we sit on to relax midway and figure out where we will go next

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‘The single most influential spokesperson for organic psychedelics’ the Gods PDFEPUB #234 The Independent What can altered states of consciousness reveal about our origins and our place in natureIn this landmark piece of psychedelic literature renowned ethnobotanist and psy. Terence McKenna Food of the Gods Julian Jaynes Evolution of Consciousness Camille Paglia Sexual Personae and Ruth Eisner Chalice the Blade all look at the same evidence and come to radically different but eually radical conclusions about the origins of what we call civilization while trying to keep a straight face Reading all three is an interesting fun and maybe useful exercise in juggling different world views Ask yourself why did each of them see the same evidence differentlyOr perhaps it's just a matter of trying to make too much soup from too little stock The reason we CALL prehistory pre history is that there's so little history to work from so each brilliant or not author gets to project their own interpretation of what they'd LIKE the evidence to mean In McKenna's case by the end of the book it is obvious what he wants the evidence to mean Terry McKenna wants us all to get off of what the Church of the SubGenius calls Conspiracy Drugs the ones that America got rich off of like tobacco caffeine white sugar distilled alcohol and television If we need to get high or drunk or trashed or whatever he says that we need to go back to the drugs that first made human beings strong fast smart sexy and spiritual organic psychedelicsOf COURSE this is a weird and controversial view point That's half the fun of this book You know that only the trippers and the stoners are going to come out of the back end of this book fully convinced But even if you're not one you just mind find yourself a teensy bit convinced and that my friend is a strange sensation Besides it's a rollicking fun read

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Food of the Gods A Radical History of Plants Drugs and Human EvolutionN A daring work of scholarship and exploration it offers an inspiring vision for individual Food of ePUB #229 fulfilment and a humane basis for our interaction with each other and the natural world'The modern classic on mind altering drugs and hallucinogens' The Washington Post. I can only say WOW I'm only about a third of the way through this book but the ideas the theories the evidence and the research have truly opened my mind to a new view of evolution and spirituality Thought it would be a bit heavy reading but it is so fascinating that it keeps me absorbed I can almost FEEL my mind expanding as I read