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Son’s unpatriotic actions When Mike is pressured by Lawson’s grandson Jesse to mount a search for the traitor’s corpse his first instinct is to vehemently refuse However his scholarly instincts uickly get drawn into the hunt and he soon realizes that there is much to the story As Mike’s corporate sponsors passionately lobby for him to stop stirring up old issues it is made clear to him just how tangled the web of espionage has become Soon bo Good book by an author who writes intricate suspense stories It is smooth prose without glaring grammatical issues that interfere with your reading I only give 5’s to real literary writing This isn’t that But I don’t think the author was trying to write great literature The juxtaposition of the beginning of the Cold War and the present was a good vehicle for presentation of his story His bad guys are really bad and he increases the tension at a good pace throughout the book I like this author and may read some of his books I was disappointed though to not meet characters from the previous book Slave Graves I thought that the teaser at the end of that book implied we would see the professor and the others again in Magnolia Gods Oh well

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Magnolia GodsDies are dropping like flies and Mike is forced on the run He desperately unravels the threads of deceit scrambling for the truth before his own life and the lives of those he loves are brutally added to the list of sacrificed men of conscienceThe River Sunday series are standalone stories which can be read in any order Part of the proceeds from the sale of Thomas Hollyday fiction and non fiction goes to support drinking water resources for wildlife I am definitely enjoying this author's books Unlike other series the only connecting factor in the River Sunday series is the location This made the second novel uniue but it was just as detailed and well researched as the first I highly recommend these mysteries

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kindle ô Magnolia Gods Ñ Kindle Edition read æ goproled » ➬ [Ebook] ➧ Magnolia Gods By Thomas Hollyday ➸ – Alternate cover edition for ASIN B006E904LA traitor in our midst On July 4 1946 Navy Captain Edward Lawson attempted to fly an experimental seaplane into thAlternate cover edition for ASIN B006E904LA traitor in our midst On July 4 1946 Navy Captain Edward Lawson attempted to fly an experimental seaplane into the hands of the Soviet Union The top secret plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean before he could succeed with his traitorous action His body and the wreck of the plane were lost at seaMike Howard runs a small aviation museum and several decades later his war hero family still feels the sting of Law A traitor is an unwanted person no one will speak visit or care for them If the traitor is dead how can a family survive what will it take to correct an error? Jesse is a grandson of Captain Lawson a traitor from post WWII Convicted postmortem as a turncoat Communist a military pilot who stole a prototype seaplane from Aviatrice AviationUs Navy project and was taking it to the Russians a ship sent to the opening of The United Nations when it exploded and was lost at sea That's the story everyone believes enter Mike a struggling owner of an aviation museum seriously short of funding Mike's father was a WWII decorated pilot and founder of the museum that hunts down old aviation euipment to restore and display in their facility Robin is a pilot and estranged girl friend of Mike Jeremy works for Mike an avionics expert younger than the others and driven by curiosity Mike receives a funding loan to prevent bankruptcy and discovers he has to accept a special clause in the agreement in order to receive payment A traitor must be investigated by discovering the truth behind the verdict recover the lost plane and documents Political sabotage mysterious deaths and disappearances the weight of friendship trust reevaluated are intermixed in this absorbing story Factual information and historical references flesh out the secret developments of military research and the changes post war Plot is uite interesting in that the author uses his information of the Chesapeake Bay area historical Native American beliefs in the region colonization histories farming techniues that changed life in these areas Plot is intense edge of your seat hold your breath delight This was a free book to read and review I have connection to anyone involved A definite book to add to your author reading list