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The Wallet Allocation Rule Mobi Ü · Timothy l keiningham · [Reading] ➻ The Wallet Allocation Rule: Winning the Battle for Share By Timothy L Keiningham – Customer Loyalty Isn't Enough Grow Your Share of WalletThe Wallet Allocation Rule is a revolutionary definitive guide for winning F dollars each year measuring and managing metrics like customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score NPS to improve customer loyalty These metrics however have almost no correlation to share of wallet As a result the returns on investments designed to improve the customer experience are freuently near zero even negative With The Wallet Allocation Rule managers finally have the missing link to business growth within their grasp the ability to link their existing metrics to the share of spending that custome I love the whole concept of wallet share and how it is a much better predictor of future growth than any customer satisfaction or loyalty metric And it helps answer the current favorite CX uestion How do we make money from our investment in Customer Experience?Before Wallet Allocation the answer was hope for luck Now I know how to prioritize my CX investments to ensure that they will result in an increase of my market share and profit

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Rs allocate to their brands Learn why improving satisfaction or NPS does not improve share Apply the Wallet Allocation Rule to discover what really drives customer spending Uncover new metrics that really matter to achieve growth By applying the Wallet Allocation Rule managers get real insight into the money they currently get from their customers the money available to be earned by them and what it takes to get it The Wallet Allocation Rule provides managers with a blueprint for sustainable long term grow I've listened to the Audio book and loved it so much I had to order a hard copy to keep handy as wellGreat book for people who still believe marketing is creative fluffIn this book you'll find commercial principals formulas and business oriented view points that would change your view of marketing and marketers foreverFor marketers this is a book which will focus your activities on the bottom line research based​ activities and real return on your investments Highly recommended

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The Wallet Allocation Rule Winning the Battle for ShareCustomer Loyalty Isn't Enough Grow Your Share of WalletThe Wallet Allocation Rule is a revolutionary definitive guide for winning the battle for share of customers' hearts minds and wallets Backed by rock solid science published in the Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review this landmark book introduces a new and rigorously tested approach the Wallet Allocation Rule that is proven to link to the most important measure of customer loyalty share of wallet Companies currently spend billions o First the positives about this book It has a lot of data and discussion about specific cases of application To those who want to apply its ideas that makes it easyBut now the negatives1 I thought the book is wrongly titled They call it wallet allocation but their measure is really preference allocation I don't see how relative satisfaction measures have anything to do with allocating actual dollars and cents2 The authors repeatedly discuss share of wallet in the book which is a very important measure But they give very few clues about how to measure it From my own experience it is virtually impossible to measure the size of the customer's wallet in a product category and then determine how much each brand is getting from the customer At the least it's very expensive3 They also don't explain how to deal with the fact that every customer may buy from a different set of brands Are you supposed to ask about 20 brands or in the survey?4 All their discussion seems to be focused on large corporations I don't think much of this applies to small businesses startups etc5 Because the details are missing the book basically comes across as a consulting company brochure with this subtext All other measures like satisfaction NPS etc used by other consultants are bad Our measure of wallet allocation is superior