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In the Shadow of the Sword The Birth of Islam and the Rise of the Global Arab EmpireHe Romans did but in a matter of decades Just like the Greeks during the Persian wars they overcame seemingly insuperable odds to emerge triumphant against the greatest empire of the daynot by standing on the defensive however but by hurling themselves against all who lay in their pa I got the sample on Kindle which was mostly the very long introduction and though I was put off by Holland’s pompous and extravagant style it did grip me because he seemed to be erecting the scaffolding for a careful and thorough exploration of the murky origins of Islam “He does go on a bit” I thought “but never mind this is interesting stuff”But then the clouds of grandilouence did not clear into any kind of lucid narrative of the sort that thrilled in “Rubicon” It seemed Holland had just fallen in love with his own voice and couldn’t stop his compulsive generalised fancifying of what people were thinking and feeling 1600 years ago Ornate and convoluted sentences notwithstanding the tone was of cheap florid historical fiction He seemed to cluck with self satisfaction at the sheer immensity of the paragraphsI got a refund

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Download In the Shadow of the Sword Mobi ↠ The Birth of Islam and the Rise of the Global Arab Empire ´ Goproled è ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ In the Shadow of the Sword: The Birth of Islam and the Rise of the Global Arab Empire By Tom Holland ➝ –The acclaimed author of Rubicon and other superb works of popular history now produces a thrillingly panoramic and incredibly timely account of the rise of Islam No less significant than the collapse of the Roman Republic or the Persian invasion of Greece the evolution of the Arab em That this book is a sensationalist grab for unsuspecting readers' money is obvious However some other aspects do reuire commentHolland is an incredibly poor writer The unending repetition of his idiotic pet phrases beyond the pale suare the circle will grate on anyone with an ear for uality prose Gibbon he ain'tDespite the extensive bibliography he displays a total lack of knowledge and awareness of basic standard texts in the area he purports to write about I suspect that some poor Indian PhD student has provided every single reference inserted post facto into this garbage text and that Holland only read one or two books by Crone et al to start spouting off from And by books I really mean some magazine article Holland read in a cafe one timeTo give a concrete example of Holland's ignorance I cite Hugh Kennedy in his excellent The Great Arab Conuests who writesLooked at as a form of social memory the distortions and legends that can seem at first sight an obstacle to understanding can be seen instead as reflecting the attitudes and values of this early Muslim societyHolland never gets past the first sight and falls head first into the trap of his astounding lack of genuine original ideas Needless to say he is unable to develop the deep understanding and sensitivity of actual scholars such as Kennedy and remains thoroughly on the surface of this complex and exciting historical periodIn short do not be fooled by this jaded author's overwhelming bitter irony who pays people to make it look like he has an idea through a false structure of paid for scholarship scafolding This tripe has zero educational and historical value don't believe the paid for PR hype Any other book on this historical period is reliable and authentic than this throw away sneering pulp book

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Pire is one of the supreme narratives of ancient history a story dazzlingly rich in drama character and achievement Just like the Romans the Arabs came from nowhere to carve out a stupefyingly vast dominionexcept that they achieved their conuests not over the course of centuries as t This book took Holland twice as long to write 6 years than his usual work because he assumed there would be plenty of accessible evidence and documentation to digest and work through but no very little existed so he was searching for 'evidence' that did not exist In many ways similar to the Jesus story nothing seemed to be written about Muhammad and Mecca while he was alive it all came decades after The late Dr Patricia Crone has similar issues when she did similar research Does raise many uestions as history certainly was being recorded at the time but nothing about this monumental event we are told occurred A great read and only criticism is that it could have been a tad shorter and I would say that if anyone has problems getting past the first 100 pages then read the last 100 pages first it is well worth it