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Smart metrics slow thinking off label drugs and a Moneyball prescription for fixing modern medicine by the author of Tripping Over the TruthThe United States is fast becoming the sickest nation in the Western world Cancer rates continue to rise There is an epidemic of chronic disease in children Even with all the money and modern innovations in science the country's health care system is beyond broken Clearly there is a glitch in the system But what if the solution has been here all along and we've just been too blind to see it? In Curable journalist and health care advocate Travis Christofferson looks at medicine through a magnifying glass and asks an important uestion What if the roots of the current US h Christofferson really nailed it with his book “Tripping Over the Truth” I expected no less with “Curable” and I wasn’t disappointed Christofferson writes elouently of the evils and fallacies of the US’s current medical system and of the major paradigm shifts and systems developments needed to remedy sameCuriously he does not say much about the evils of our pharmaceutical industry and its ownership of academic research carefully that is designed to push pharmaceuticals regardless of their efficacy or the risks and dangers of taking these drugs The path is familiar to any patient symptom standard of care handbook prescription – “a pill for every ill”; all this in a standard 15 minute doctor’s appointment Maybe Christofferson feels that other books have already covered that sad part of the for profit above all else pharmamedicalinsurancehospital industry gluttonyBecause of my current background in science and medicine the first several chapters of Christofferson’s “Curable” kind of cruised along with valuable material that was mostly familiar to me However starting with his chapter 5 Nature or Nurture What Really Matters?” Christofferson hit the afterburners and the book really took off His discussion of methylation and epigenetics was the very best I have ever read only to be surpassed with his summary of Daniel Kahneman’s exploration of the two faces of happiness – the remembering self and the experiencing self This was a new approach to the topic for me and will be very illuminating and rewarding to all readersMy disappointment with Christofferson’s discussion of the medical industry was due to his complete lack of any discussion of the revolution taking place with Functional Medicine or Integrative Medicine etc gradually superseding the conventional specialty focused medicine of today Perhaps in my perceived shortcoming of this second book of Christofferson’s lie the seeds of his third book I hope so Travis are you reading this?The accelerating evolution toward Functional Medicine has at its roots considering the human body as a total system and instead of describing illnesses by symptoms and corresponding drugs features a uest for the root cause of the symptoms So much recent research and progress has been made in the past five years on the major role the gut microbiome plays in determining one’s overall health We now understand how a leaky gut can trigger any one or of at least 140 chronic autoimmune diseases We know that the answer to eliminating most of these diseases lies in better nutrition supplementation with high uality vitamins and minerals routine cardio and resistance exercise better sleep and stress reduction For instance while most of today’s doctors and pharma companies push drug treatment to Type 2 diabetics most Type 2 diabetes and usually accompanying obesity can be uickly remedied by changes in diet alone But there is no money in this for doctors and drug companies so the status uo practices persist and tens of thousands of people needlessly suffer and pay obscene prices for medications that will not cure their “disease” Yet in this second book of Christofferson’s purporting to cover the medical industry the Functional Medicine revolution in health thinking and practice gets little to no mentionNor in Christofferson’s bibliography for “Curable” is there the mention of any prominent Functional Medicine doctor or scientist’s book or paper It’s as if these giants of the field of Functional Medicine and the knowledge contained in their many books scientific papers and educational YouTube video presentations and interviews don’t exist – people such as Steven Gundry Mark Hyman David Perlmutter Joseph Mercola Dave Asprey Bruce Ames Terry Wahls Dale Bredesen Thomas Cowan Jack Wolfson Chris Kresser Jason Fung Ivor Cummins Nick Lane Lee Know Malcolm Kendrick Rhonda Patrick Peter Attia Thomas Seyfried Russell Jaffe and many How can this evolutionrevolution be ignored? These Functional Medicine doctors and scientists are shifting the focus of medicine from maintaining patients to healing themObviously an author must place limits on hisher chosen book subject Christofferson has done an outstanding job with “Curable” It is an illuminating and very enjoyable read But there is a gaping hole in his medicalhealth care industry remediation story that screams for a writer of his knowledge and skill to fill it

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Curable How an Unlikely Group of Radical Innovators Is Trying to Transform Our Health Care SystemEalth care crisis are psychological and systemic perpetuated not just by corporate influence and the powers that be but by you and me? It is now known that human perception is based on deeply entrenched patterns of irrational thought which we attach ourselves to religiously So how does this implicate the very scientific research and data that doctors rely on to successfully treat their patients? A page turning inuiry into a moneyball approach to medicine Curable explores the links between revolutionary baseball analytics; Nobel Prize winning psychological research on confirmation bias; wildly successful maverick economic philosophy; the history of the radical mastectomy and the rise of the clinical trial; c I'm begging every doctor I know to read this book Christofferson's Tripping Over Truth was amazing but I think this book goes even further If you have cancer a C diff infection intractable depression or just plain care about your health please read this book and recommend it to everyone that you know especially your doctor

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EPUB ☆ MOBI Curable How an Unlikely Group of Radical Innovators Is Trying to Transform Our Health Care System · How an Unlikely Group of Radical Innovators Is Trying tUtting edge treatments routinely overlooked by regulatory bodies; and outdated medical models that prioritize profit over prevention As stark as things are Christofferson asks us to see health care not as a toppling house of cards but as a badly organized system that is inherently fixable How do we fix it? First we must reframe the conflict between doctors' intuition and statistical data Then we must design better systems that can support doctors who are increasingly overwhelmed with the complexity of modern medicine Curable outlines the future of medicine detailing brilliant examples of new health care systems that prove we can do better It turns out we havecontrol over our health and happiness than we thi Well written and compelling It's one of those books you read that makes you just wish and hope with all your heart that a bad situation could be turned around I don't know if there's hope for America's Medical system I'm a former RN I got so disgusted & frustrated with the corruption and poor care I saw in conventional medicine I retired early This book is filled with undeniable evidence based facts that could save thousands of lives and billions of dollars at the same time