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eBook Ô ePub Swish of the Kris ¶ the Story of the Moros Free ↠ Vic Hurley ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➶ Swish of the Kris, the Story of the Moros, Authorized and Enhanced Edition ➮ Author Vic Hurley – Goproled.co.uk THIS NEWLY ENHANCED EDITION OF THE AUTHOR'S 193THIS NEWLY ENHANCED EDITION OF THE AUTHOR'S 1936 BOOK IS PARTICULARLY RELEVANT TO THE ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF THE CURRENT MORO ISLAMIC FILIPINO POLITICAL AND BRUTALLY SAVAGE EVENTS IN THE SOUTHERN ISLANDS INCLUDING ABU SAYYAF AND THE HISTORICAL CONNECTION TO BOTH TRADIONAL AND RADICAL ISLAM It now contains photographs and maps from the author's private collection never before ava So pleased I have bought this book

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Ilable; a new introduction setting out the author's history and connection to the Philippines; and a new comprehensive index to this history of the Moros' 500 year struggle to maintain their culture and their tradional homeland LEGENDARY WARRIORS THE ISLAMIC MOROS OF THE PHILIPPINES HAVE NEVER BEEN CONUERED To reach a real understanding of the forces of history that made the Moro detailed description of every military action about this unknown US colonial experiencereally liked also the non political correct approach which represent today a real rarity

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Swish of the Kris the Story of the Moros Authorized and Enhanced EditionS the fearsome fighters that they were and are the author gives the reader hard facts careful research and vivid prose Although Hurley was writing at a much earlier time and from a western viewpoint there is no doubt about his respect and admiration for the character and convictions of the fighting Moros and his disdain for the ineffective strategies and tactics of the US militar Dated in outlook but very informative on a less known subject Great detail on the Spanish occupation of the Philippines and the subseuent US occupation up to the date it was written