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Together EXPORTWhen Vivek Murthy accepted the role of Surgeon General under Obama he thought his main focus would be tackling the opioid crisis and obesity Instead he discovered a much larger health crisis one that connects the sick and the seemingly well loneliness We live in an age steeped in disconnection As a doctor Murthy encountered people who struggled with addiction disease and pa. In parts scientific but most of the time the book consists of small stories wich are getting boring in the end

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E also finds good news From social support groups in Okinawa to mentoring circles in Chicago he looks at community efforts to combat loneliness around the world and what they can teach us about doing so in our own lives Part personal journey part medical exploration part social toolkit this essential book shows how together we can learn to build aconnected less lonely world. Dr Murthy seems like a very nice man One can hold no doubt that he has done much good in his life But his book is an atrocity And with the interest of his fellow Americans and indeed all the Western world in mind one is here to tell you how and whyHis pitch is simple enough We have lost precious things “in this transition to modern culture” As we rush to grow personal wealth and achievement and while we linger online with our social media toys we fail truly to connect with people and thus impoverish our souls Loneliness is shortening the lives of millions of Americans; we are being murdered by modernity and inter alia the toxic masculinity which it inspires Money and consumerism do not bring happiness; that is something which comes only from others and the emotions we offer and share with themSo let’s get it out there How can you write a book about mental health in the USA without acknowledging that the county’s health insurance system puts care out of the reach of millions and actively institutionalizes anxietyHow can you reference schoolyard shootings with the lifelong torment such violence can provoke amongst survivors and fail to mention never mind criticize the absence of gun controlHow can you elevate faith families and faith associations when so many cults openly trash the personal freedom to be say gay andor marry whomsoever you wish The hardly tolerant Hutterites don’t you know “have significantly lower rates of loneliness than other communities”How can you be aware of the completely measurable incidence of vicious sociopathic behaviour on our streets or the lives ruined by the prowl of narcotics tradespeople or sex traffickers and urge your co citizens to talk freely to strangers since “the truth is that most people we encounter are no dangerous than we are”How can you review the recent history of internal migration in China and talk about the ways both voluntarist and commercial in with psychological dislocation can be overcome but not talk about the gruesome disregard for human specially Uighur life that is the official policy of the CPC Is no authority ever to be offendedYes all you need is love Be loving and the neo Nazi in your midst drops white supremacy like an old blackshirt; the estranged family embraces again; the prosperous American perceives how strong are the bonds of families surviving the most excruciating poverty that the barely existing Ethiopian economy can throw at them; the knowledge that “we crave the interconnectedness sic that our ancestors sic depended upon” becomes easy wisdom; no pathology will go unalleviated while there is talking listening sharingBy page 95 I wanted to dieAnd when VHM started invoking the analysis known as Putnam’s Bowling Alone I came down hard against any thought of reincarnation For so much of the story here is not so much about the scourge that it is loneliness it is about the scourge that is life Of course we lose friends as we grow older Of course the fresher year in big city college is tough for the provincial post pubescent Of course making friends in competitive career venues can be vexed But all societies prosper when individuals deal with transition pursue some form of higgledy piggledy value in their lives and crudely just get on with itAt its worst Together is a gushing sugar rush of simpering sentimentality And it goes peak Putnam when the author uoting no authority because there is not one feels bold enough to write that “in colonial times American communities were built around the village green where children played and everyone got to know one another” When nostalgia gets this malignant all grip on

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Together EXPORT Read & download ↠ 9 ´ ❮PDF❯ ✅ Together EXPORT Author Vivek H. Murthy – When Vivek Murthy accepted the role of Surgeon General under Obama he thought his main focus would be tackling the opioid crisis and obesity Instead he discovered a much larger health crisis one that When Vivek MurthIn and often found loneliness at their very core But while other illnesses can bevisible loneliness keeps its sufferers silent So how can we treat it and what does it mean to live in this lonely age This book traces Murthy's journey to find the answers As he uncovers the global proportions of this epidemic and explores the root causes and devastating effects of loneliness h. A great book sharing the message that together we can achieve and better stuff It's basically the only way Our lives depend on it A very pragmatic message if you ask me