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MOBI · DOC The Varieties of Religious Experience 1549799452 ´ GOPROLED á [Read] ➪ The Varieties of Religious Experience: Complete and Unabridged (Illustrated) By William James – There can be no doubt that as a matter of fact a religious life exclusively pursued does tendXperiences which were the pattern setters to all this mass of suggested feeling and imitated conduct These experiences we can only find in individuals for whom religion exists not as a dull habit but as an acute fever rather But such individuals are geniuses in the religious line; and like many other geniuses who have brought forth fruits effective enough for commemoration in the pages of biography such religious geniuses have often shown symptoms of nervous instability Evenperhaps than other kinds of genius religious leaders have been sub This is uite an extraordinary read The mere fact that these are the transcripts of various lectures just shows there once was a time where one idea could be detailed to an extent so great that it made the subject even great James does that here This collection is not about religion in the traditional western sense but the phenomenological one where how the order of things seems to be the chips falling into place of felt experience The components of this work are so unbelievably detailed challenging and emotional just as religion in the acutest and primordial sense was and should always be Excellent printing as well

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There can be no doubt that as a matter of fact a religious life exclusively pursued does tend to make the person exceptional and eccentric I speak not now of your ordinary religious believer who follows the conventional observances of his country whether it be Buddhist Christian or Mohammedan His religion has been made for him by others communicated to him by tradition determined to fixed forms by imitation and retained by habit It would profit us little to study this second hand religious life We must make search rather for the original e Although this is a great book the text is smaller than I have ever seen in printed material almost impossible to read it’s so small Buy a different edition

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The Varieties of Religious Experience Complete and Unabridged IllustratedJect to abnormal psychical visitations Invariably they have been creatures of exalted emotional sensibility Often they have led a discordant inner life and had melancholy during a part of their career They have known no measure been liable to obsessions and fixed ideas; and freuently they have fallen into trances heard voices seen visions and presented all sorts of peculiarities which are ordinarily classed as pathological Often over these pathological features in their career have helped to give them their religious authority and influenc Fluid original thought cast in fluid compelling writing tempered by a broad and subtle humor make this the essential first text of any modern understanding of philosophy psychology and religion I would purchase a time machine at any price in order to go back to 1901 Edinburgh Scotland to take Bill out for lunch a pint and some haggis